Workshop: Lean Spec For Engineers, Product Managers, & PMs


The Lean Spec Product Definition Process methodology was developed by Malcolm Knapp from over ten years of project experience starting from building a low cost rechargeable lantern in 2004. Attendees participate interactively and work on their own product to apply the methodology of the product definition process during the day long workshop.

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Process For Defining The Product for Engineers & PMs: SUPA Product Talk EBay


Join SUPA Product Talk EBay January 14 where Malcolm Knapp will demonstrate the power of the Process for Defining The Product.

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November SUPA Product Talks: Developing Products with Social Benefits


Join SUPA Product Talks On November 18 at Tech Liminal in Oakland to discuss When and where do you have to adapt the profit driven product process when your product has a social mission or benefits?

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Webcast: The Fascinating Case of Steve Jobs—Can Profound Strengths Overwhelm Flaws?


Very few leaders can become extraordinary when they possess fatal flaws. Steve Jobs, however, was able to do this. Webcast: Oct 28

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Countdown to the CISA vote


Take Action now! Despite the fact that nearly every major tech company and security expert has come out against it, Congress is still rushing toward a vote on CISA, and the numbers are not looking good.

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Google for Entrepreneurs Demo Day: Women’s Edition


Introducing Google for Entrepreneurs Demo Day: Women’s Edition, a feature of some of the world’s best early stage startups founded or co-founded by women.

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The Power Of Privacy


The power of privacy (1/5): Mom’s new porch – These spectacular videos with @aleksk on The Power of Privacy deserve to become iconic

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Terms And Conditions May Apply


A documentary that exposes what corporations and governments learn about people through Internet and cell phone usage, and what can be done about it … if anything.

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When And Why Do I Need A Lawyer For My Startup/Product?

Mario Moya

SUPA Product Talks: Meet Mario Moya and hear what he has to say about his own startup, legal perspectives on products, tech and more!

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TPP Threatens Product Excellence


The massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal was just finalized in secret meetings. If it’s ratified it poses an urgent threat to our Internet freedom, jobs, and our democracy.

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