Inside Product Management: David Breger of LinkedIn

David Breger
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By Jason Skowronski

David BregerDavid Breger is the Tablet Mobile Product Lead at LinkedIn and a mentor at 500 Startups. Mobile now accounts for 43% of LinkedIn’s visits and will soon make up the majority. Previously, he created endorsements which is the fastest growing product in LinkedIn history.

I reached out to David to learn more about Product Management at leading companies.  I was lucky enough to interview him about his top goals and toughest challenges.

What are your top goals?

Our top goal is to bring the power of LinkedIn wherever you need it.  People move between devices throughout the day.  They use their desktops at work, mobile phones go with people throughout the day, and tablets are used most between 6 and 11 at home.  I unlock the power of the tablet by understanding how people use it differently than other devices.  For example, it can be weird to search for jobs during the day using your work computer, but many scan through interesting jobs at home using their tablets.  Some key metrics I monitor are how often people use LinkedIn to apply for a job or reading posts that other members or our Influencers wrote, and how long they stay engaged with longer sessions.


What are your biggest challenges?

Mobile changes really fast, much faster than web.  How many web apps can you think of that haven’t changed much in the past 4 years?  On the other hand, when iOS 7 came out everyone expected apps with the new style right away.  It used to be that you shipped software once and now there is new release every month.  There is also a proliferation of devices.  The iPad just came out when I started and now we have tons of Android devices, watches, and even Google Glass.  It’s a challenge to achieve feature parity across platforms.  It’d be even harder for a startup with fewer people and resources.

How do you decide which features make the cut?

Picking features for each platform is a bit of an art.  We have to ask ourselves questions like “How fast is it growing?  What can we do better on that platform over the current web experience?  Will users be happy or content with a given choice?”  When we launched our iPad app we started with the basic functionality our members needed and then we grew from there.  Our head of product splits development into three buckets: core, strategic, and venture.  For example, our content play started out as venture, then became strategic as it started working and became more important to the business, and now it’s part of our core to be a publishing platform of record. Our tablet app started out as venture and has now moved up.

What other interesting challenges are you working on?

Another one is that people can have a given version of the app forever without upgrading. We want to be able to experiment and test new things, but you can’t easily revert something on mobile. That’s why we do lots of A/B testing.  In fact, our XLNT Platform allows us to run many tests in parallel. When we’re confident that a given version is the best, then we can lock it in.

What are you most proud of?

I’m really happy how quickly the company has shifted to “get” mobile. This transition has involved designers, sales, marketers, etc. and everyone has to know what that means.  Our iPad app is evolving nicely since the interaction, navigation, and presentation are all unique to the tablet platform. I’m also really proud about the huge adoption of the endorsement product that I helped create.  It’s been our fastest growing product ever, and has generated some really great insights.


What do you like most about working at LinkedIn?

It’s exciting that my work impacts hundreds of millions of people. We’ve gained a lot of penetration in the professional market, and we’re serving as a source of identity that almost everyone uses. We’ve become a standard and are an important part of people’s lives.  There’s so much innovation in across areas like monetization, features, and we’re growing really fast.  Additionally, there’s a great sense of ownership.  There’s not that many PMs at LinkedIn compared to the number of engineers and others so I get to be responsible for a lot.  I have the privilege of working with really great people, and that makes it a great place to work.

About The Author

Jason SkrowonskiJason Skowronski is currently a Product Manager at Loggly. He loves to learn about the jobs of leading PMs and insights from their work. He has a strong technical background and experience in award-winning startups and leading blue chips.

“I’ve taken several products from concept, to launch, to building growth. I believe in data in decision making, moving to market fast, and making customers successful.”

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Networking & Sourcing: Product Managers Meet Consumer Goods

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You are all invited to join Startup Product Talks Boston for our upcoming networking night at Ministry of Supply H1 H1

Wednesday, August 27, 2014



We’ll be joined by the Startups: Building Consumer Goods meetup who have put together a panel discussion on “Manufacturing: Sourcing for the First Time” 


6:30-7: Networking & refreshments

7-8: Panel Discussion Manufacturing: Sourcing for the First Time and Q&A

It’s time to start producing (for a prototype or scaling up) — what do you need to consider when looking for suppliers?  

• What should you look for in a supplier? How do you vet them?

• Strategies for contacting suppliers: What to say (and what not to say), the importance of a relationship

• Understanding minimums, costs considerations, budget planning

• How to ensure quality control

8-9:  Mingle


Aman Advani, Co-Founder of Ministry of Supply 

Ministry of Supply create high-tech performance professional clothing for men. They use NASA-inspired technology to create technical apparel that plays as hard as you do. Aman leads operations and sourcing at MoS. 

Slava Menn, Co-Founder of Fortified Bike

Fortified Bike is on a quest to protect the city cyclist with anti-theft, near indestructible bike accessories for urban bikers. Slava is an electrical engineer-turned (serial) entrepreneur. Fortified is his 4th rodeo. 

Liz Long, Sourcing Coordinator at Maker’s Row + Co-Founder of Bag The Habit

Maker’s Row makes Factory Sourcing Easy. They are on a mission to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. Liz is also the Co-Founder of Bag The Habit, and has extensive experience in product development and sourcing.   

Enjoy light appetizers and cocktails sponsored by Ministry of Supply at their popup store in Newbury Street, and network with Startup Product Talks Boston and Startups: Building Consumer Goods communities.

Network with Product Managers, technologists, Entrepreneurs, VCs and others interested in Startup Products as well as passionate product people of all persuasions!

H1 is Ministry of Supply’s unique take on the traditional retail and pop-up experience. H1 refers to the “alternate hypothesis”, or, the alternative to the current system. H1 isn’t a regular store – rather, it’s our reinvention of traditional retail.

H1 will be an ongoing experiment, which will be iterated as we travel from city to city. H1 will be located in Boston at 299 Newbury Street from June until August. Stay tuned for updates and stop by to experience H1 yourself.

Event Sponsor


Fiksu is the leading provider of mobile app marketing products that help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals. The company’s patent-pending Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform applies intelligent technology to proprietary big data to master ALL the challenges of mobile advertising – including tracking, optimization, media buying and integration. Additionally, Fiksu offers FreeMyApps®, the world’s largest app discovery platform where users are rewarded. Fiksu is a 260+ person company headquartered in Boston with offices in Northampton, MA, San Francisco, London, Helsinki, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Voted Boston’s Best Places to Work for the past 3 years running, Fiksu offers competitive salary, equity and benefits. By joining Fiksu you would not only directly impact the success of our business but also help to shape the mobile landscape of the future.

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Weekly Webcast Digest: Free Online Events

daily educational online events for your continuous learning
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Daily, Curated educational webcasts, webinars and free online events for your continuous learning

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San Francisco Innovation Fellowship

SF Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation
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Calling All Civic Innovators!

“The need for innovation in government has never been greater, and we must work with our greatest resource – our human capital – to find new solutions to old challenges.”
— Mayor Edwin Lee

The Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI) is opening a call for two new Mayor’s Innovation Fellows. MOCI champions new ideas and approaches that make our City government more accountable, accessible and responsive to the residents of San Francisco. This novel one-year program looks to utilize entrepreneurial minds from all sectors to help San Francisco tackle challenging civic issues. During the fellowship year, Fellows will have an opportunity to manage projects in the following focus areas:

Open Data Standards for Social Services. San Francisco is a national leader in making valuable government data more easily accessible to the public. Past work in open data includes: LIVES Health Inspection Data Standard, House Facts Building Inspection Data Standard, SF Open Law.

Entrepreneurship in Residence (EIR). EIR is a voluntary, sixteen-week collaboration to bring together the private sector with City departments. Through this program, participants explore innovative solutions to civic challenges that can lower costs, increase revenue, and enhance productivity for our City. Learn more:


Fellows will be paid a fixed salary of approximately $52,000-$65,000 per year plus standard health benefits and vacation days for a period of one year.

The deadline to apply is August 22, 2014 at midnight
More info


Jay became San Francisco’s first Chief Innovation Officer after establishing the nation’s first open source government software policy and San Francisco’s Open Data Legislation. He previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and SquareTrade and graduated from Cornell.

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2.Oakland Demo Day!

Tech Liminal
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Oakland, California is a hotbed of new tech, startups, small business, services, non-profits and interesting products – so come on out and show off

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


25% discount for Startup Product community

All types of products and businesses are invited to showcase products at any stage of progress. Whether you are just starting out, or are working on new products, this is an opportunity to present to a friendly audience of peers. A panel of experts and investors will give you honest feedback.

Your demo can be a well developed concept (i.e. screen shots/ mockups) or fully developed product. Eight people/teams will be invited to present for a total of seven minutes each. Each presentation should last five minutes with a brief two minute Q&A session to follow. It’s tough to present a product in such a short amount of time, but it’s a great experience to try!  APPLY TO DEMO

About 2.Oakland

Our mission is to create a healthy tech ecosystem in Oakland and the East Bay. Through programs and events we support existing businesses as well as help companies that wish to locate here.

About TechLiminal

Oakland’s Technology Hotspot and Salon, Tech Liminal is an accessible, technology-focused community in Oakland where diverse minds meet and learn to apply the right tools to solve the right problems.


555 12th St. #110
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 832-3401



Get off at the 12th Street Oakland City Center stop and take the 11th Street exitWalk down 11th Street 1 block to Clay st, and turn rightTech Liminal will be on the left at 555 12th Street, suite 110


Go east across Bay BridgeBay Bridge becomes I-80 EastTake the exit onto 580 East toward CA-24/Hayward-StocktonTake the exit onto 980 WTake the 18th Street exit towards 14th StreetMerge onto Brush StreetTurn left at 11th StreetUp 11th Street to Clay st. If you reach Broadway you’ve gone too farTech Liminal is located on the left side of Clay Street between 11th and 12thStreet parking is available, and there is a paid lot on 11th Street.

More info:

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Startup Dublin: A Boot Camp for Technology Entrepreneurs

Startup Dublin Banner
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Startup Dublin, California is a 10-week program geared towards entrepreneurs working to establish tech startups in the Tri-Valley region with a primary focus on Dublin.

The City of Dublin, California in partnership with the Alameda County Small Business Development Center and the Tech Futures Group, will hold a 10-week series of startup technology workshops and events, beginning Tuesday, September 9, at Dublin City Hall.

“Startup Dublin: A Boot Camp for Technology Entrepreneurs” will be available to both Dublin and non-Dublin residents.

The seminars will include workshops on the following topics:

• Elements of a Successful Startup Technology Company
• Legal Aspects of Technology Companies
• Financing Technology Companies
• Marketing Your Technology Company & Products
• Meeting Technology Company Investors
• “Pitch” Competition

Startup Dublin will conclude with a “Pitch” competition where participants will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and investors, and the participant with the best proposal will be awarded a prize.

Entrepreneurs in early stage technology companies or who are intending to start up a technology company in the near future are invited to apply.

Applications are available now at
The deadline to apply is Friday, August 29, 2014.

Application questions:

———-For Individuals Only———-
If you are applying as an individual, please describe your startup concept and why you want to enroll in the Startup Dublin program?*

———-For Existing Startups———-
If you are applying as part of an existing business, please provide the following:
1. Name of Business.
2. Business Description.
3. Business Mailing Address.
4. Website.
5. Type of legal entity.
6. Number of employees both full-time and part-time.
7. List the amount of funding you have invested into your own business or raised from outside sources.
8. Current stage of business (i.e. business plan in process, business plan completed, founding team recruited, prototype/demo ready, delivery/adoption started, revenue started, product ready for delivery, and customer

More info

More Info:

contact Hazel Wetherford at (925) 833-6650

Apply before Aug 29!
Applications are due by August 29, 2014 and applicants will be notified of enrollment the week of September 8, 2014.

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Going Global With Prezi, Neo And AIPMM Guests

Gábor Török, Director of Engineering at Prezi
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Monday, August 11, 2014  to Prezi SF HQ San Francisco, CA

Startup Product is pleased to welcome guests of AIPMM who are global visitors from Barclay’s South Africa on the last leg of their tour of tech companies in the US!

Event was broadcast live on  View it here:

Thanks to Andrea Bado, Prezi and Product.bp meetup

Peter Shanley, Principle & Evangelist at Neo

Peter has a passion for customer-centered product design and organizational change, having worked in both large enterprises and startups to bring new ventures to market. He held intrepreneurial roles at Yahoo! Brickhouse and HP Labs/Snapfish, and he led a strategic pivot at the startup

Gábor Török, Director of Engineering at Prezi

I started my career as a full stack web developer—doing both frontend and backend engineering. Later I specialised more on test engineering and by starting to lead a QA team I was continuously shifting towards the management side until I ended up now as being an engineering manager.

I enjoy working in agile teams. I’m passionate about process improvements, continuous delivery and acceptance test driven development, and people management. I strongly believe knowledge belongs to everyone hence I regularly organise tech meetups in Budapest to help people share ideas. I often present at conferences and happy to share my thoughts at your event, too.

Please thank our event sponsors:

Food Catered by


Amawele’s South African Style Cuisine Infused with San Francisco Culture located at 101 Spear Street  415-536-5900 Open Monday-Friday 10.30am -2:30pm

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#ProdMgmtTalk Gal Josefsberg, VP Product Management @SocialChorus

Gal Josefsberg
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10 AM PT

New Business Podcasts with ProdMgmtTalk on BlogTalkRadio

Transcript of twitter discussion:

Gal Josefsberg is a product executive with 15+ years experience in high tech (startup, growth stage and mid sized) product management, product marketing, business development and engineering.

He has been very successful (3 major exits: 2 acquisitions and 1 IPO) building new organizations from scratch as well as restructuring existing organizations to deliver successful products.

He’s run the product gamut from his early days of being a product marketing manager and systems engineer for Blue Pumpkin, Being the Director of Product Management for Modern N, A Senior Director of Prodcut Management at Baynote and at Tealeaf (an IBM company), to where he is now as the VP of Product Management.

In addition to all of that he also has taught Product Management classes at General Assembly as well as given several great talks on how to become a product manager. So we are very excited to have him on and pick his brain!

#ProdMgmtTalkProduct Superheroes Podcast with Bob Schoenthal, syndicated on the Global Product Management Talk channel, is a fast paced sixty minutes of discussion focused on the people behind the products and the techniques they use to build better products. Bob chats with product managers, product designers, product developers and other passionate product people.

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Startup Product Talks Santiago Lean Coffee Kickoff

Sasha Blumenfeld
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Let’s get together, meet each other, discuss what matters most to us, what is product excellence, how do we arrive at it, how do we manage products from idea to launch, how do we work together across silos, what is most important to know, what tools, what methodologies do we use, how do we advance our professional careers and scale our products, in tech, in specific industries, in our unique situations.

Startup Product Talks Santiago, Chile
Thursday, August 7, 2014
5:00 PM
Tea Connection
Pedro de Valdivia 0129, Santiago

Using the Lean Coffee format, we can all share what is most important to us, and hold a structured, but agenda-less meeting.

Meet Startup Product Talks Santiago Community Organizer, Sasha Blumenfeld!

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#SVIS14 Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2014

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2014
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innovationsummit12th annual

Follow ProdmgmtTalk on Storify for Product Event coverage and more:

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