Intro to Agile: Full Day Course


Amy Lightholder says, “Companies use Agile methodologies, without providing adequate onboarding for product people, making integration frustrating.”

Startup Product Academy invites you to the first all day course offered in 2014!
Agile is an iterative, adaptive process of getting things done under conditions of uncertainty or change. Most of today’s technology companies use Agile methodologies, without providing adequate onboarding for product people, making integration frustrating.

Startup Product Academy presents this one-day course to provide you with a basic introduction to Agile principles and practice, as well as practical, hands-on experience for identifying business value, building stakeholder consensus, and managing Agile teams. This is Agile (not Scrum) with an eye towards general product/project management (not software development). 

Who Should Attend?

This is an introductory course for people who have heard of Agile and are interested in learning more. It’s appropriate for both technical and non-technical people.

What will you learn?

– How Agile is different from traditional planning
– The basics of running an Agile project
– How to write Agile requirements (user stories)
– How to build consensus with stakeholders
– How to manage the product backlog and project burndown chart
– The basics of lean product management
– The basics of Scrum and how it is different from Lean, XP, and KanBan methodologies
– How to apply Agile methodologies in real life

How will this benefit you?

– Gain hands-on experience in creating and use of Agile tools
– Prepare to participate in Agile teams and environments
– Develop powerful tools that can help you achieve your goals under conditions of uncertainty and change

About Amy Lightholder

Amy Lightholder is an expert Agile Practitioner, Entrepreneur, and Coach with more than 15 years of experience in the web software industry with a focus on the social impact of world-changing technologies. She is a popular speaker at many Bay Area technology conferences and gatherings including ProductCamp SF, Total Experience, Quantified Self, the Global Product Management Talk, and Agile Open California.

Amy helps individuals and organizations adapt to today’s information-driven, rapidly-changing business realities. Her clients include local Bay Area startups (Spokentranslation, Nodality) as well as international conglomerates (Globant, Gap, Autodesk). She has a degree in computer science from Mills College as well as myriad certifications in Agile including Certified Product Owner from the Scrum Alliance. She lives in San Francisco, CA. 



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