10 Steps On The Journey To Product Excellence

How do you create the elements necessary to guarantee product excellence?

1. Recognize that achieving product excellence is an ongoing journey requiring continuous learning.

2. Have a vision to make a difference by contributing value to an existing problem or solution space.

3. Listen to who is talking about the current situation, who cares about it, who is complaining, who has proposed solutions, and what current responses are in place.  Document this research with details about where the conversations are happening, who is making the most noise, history of the problem and how to access available data.

4. Start with the people and data identified in step 2 to ask questions and test your assumptions.

5. Talk about your vision and listen to feedback. Be open to different perspectives and views that frame the issue in opposing lights, angles and data points.

6. Let people know what you care about and invite people into an ongoing conversation as you continue to test assumptions and get feedback.

7. Enroll others in joining the endeavor to contribute value and challenge them to take ownership of different data points and projects.

8. Consider every difficulty, challenge and obstacle as a learning opportunity to arrive at the solution and create a culture that rewards participation in the quest.

9. Align with others who are active in the problem and solution ecosystem.

10. Attend events where people congregate to question the methods, tactics, tools, processes, strategies and successes of those on the path to product excellence.

Attend The Product Summit, November 20-23, 2014 at General Assembly, 501 Folsom, San Francisco.  http://productsummit.org

Mastering the future of product excellence begins with people, knowledge, process and tools. Interact with others who design, develop, manage and market products to gain insights and actions to implement immediately. The movement for product excellence breaks down silos to enable vibrant learning organizations and product communities that forward product excellence.

We’ve assembled an eclectic group of speakers representing the best from the SFBay Area. Expect to learn about product development, management, founding, designing and delivering products, strategic thinking, scaling and sustaining growth over time and much, much more!

Keynote speakers include Luke Hohmann (Author of “Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play”) and Nir Eyal (Author of “Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products”). All the speakers have incredible insights and diverse experiences to share. Check out Mickey W. Mantle (Co-Author of “Managing The UnManageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams”), Kimberly Wiefling (Author of “Scrappy Project Management”), and Yunha Kim (Recognized by Business Insider as advertising’s “30 Most Creative Under 30”).

It’s going to be a 4 day extravaganza:

Nov 20: Serious Learning – Latest insights from product leaders

Nov 21: Hands on Workshops – 2 hour workshops with multiple tracks

Nov 22: Design Thinking Challenge – Design thinking competition – learn how to collaborate and present a solution to a real world product challenge

Nov 23: ProductCamp Unconference – Propose, Vote, and Present

Don’t miss the best event of the year for passionate product professionals! Register now! http://productsummit.org



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