36 Take Aways from Startup Product Summit SF2

Startup Product Summit SF2
by Stefan Aronsen
Live Scribe Artist

My take aways:

  1. It’s your fault if the user can’t figure out your product.
  2. Prioritize customer needs
  3. Just because something is easy to build, doesn’t mean it should be built.
  4. Take stoke of your resources. (People, Skills, Tech …)
  5. Keep customers engaged
  6. Don’t build till you know what you’re building
  7. Test early MVP with customers.
  8. Build the right team. (us)
  9. You need a way to measure feedback.
  10. Make sure you’re building for customers … not yourself.
  11. If you see a job not getting done  … you could make it your job.
  12. Create your future 10 year resume … then establish the steps to get there.
  13. Build around your core feature.
  14. Invite your team to give feedback.
  15. Teams are hard to build … treat them well.
  16. Build culture … use events & ritual and stick to your schedule.
  17. Just because your build it … doesn’t mean they’ll come.
  18. Be aware of other products … new or from the past.
  19. The past can effect the future in a positive way.
  20. Network and meet with people.
  21. A product managers job is to channel your customers needs … not yours.
  22. Your team is your first customer.
  23. Talk with your customers … watch them use your product.
  24. Know your product vision
  25. The quickest way to mediocracy is to try to be good at everything.
  26. User test … Get outside your office.
  27. Communication is KEY
  28. Don’t create an “how-to” if you actually need to redesign the product.
  29. The best stuff is really simple.
  30. You have to assemble a team … nobody speaks all the languages.
  31. Don’t spam … tell meaningful stories
  32. On-boarding helps with adoption
  33. Storytelling is key.
  35. Launch fast … then learn
  36. Look at data … then talk to 50 people

stefancomicAbout The Author

Stefan Aronsen is the Art Director at DeliRadio (@DeliRadio) an app for streaming music & he started SF Intercom (@sfintercom) a survival guide for bands. stefanaronsen.com Stefan live scribed speakers & sessions at both Startup Product Summits.

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