SUPA Product is a movement for product excellence by design. 

Startup Product creates and nurtures inclusive local communities for passionate product professionals across disciplines, provides a sandbox for product and skill experimentation, and enables a launch pad forwarding product people, product ideas, product teams, and product success. 

Startup Product Academy, LLC provides innovative approaches and experiential learning opportunities that forward passionate product people, practitioners and product management organizations. 

Startup Product welcomes everyone passionate about product excellence, regardless of title, industry, or stage of growth, to come together to share, learn and talk about what it really takes to produce products that people love.

There is a lifecycle that every product, startup, idea and project passes through to be realized. Focusing on where the product is in its lifecycle enables a conversation that brings us all together on what will serve the product most to arrive at product/market fit, scale, sustain growth, and generate revenue streams.

Current programs include:

  • Movement For Product Excellence
  • Conferences
    • The Product Summit conferences showcasing lightning talks by experts and practitioners sharing first hand experience of a specific aspect of their product experience,
    • Startup Product Open innovative unconference blowing open the door for passionate product people to learn from each other.
    • ProductCampSF Unconference
  • Startup Product Launchpad marketing, social media, and promotional services and muscle to find and inform the market
    • Product Therapy – Pop-up sessions for work-shopping product dilemmas, paired content development, and group collaboration
  • Broadcast Promotional Vehicles
  • Startup Product Academy
    • Product.Practicum
    • Product Value Decision Making Framework
    • Product Management Mentoring & Coaching
    • Product Marketing Management Apprenticeship Program
  • Startup Product Sandbox live experiments and product practices
    • Webcast Digest – daily, curated online events
  • SUPA Marketing
    • usability, customer development, ideation
    • product marketing management
    • brand development & content marketing, promotion & website/online/social media services
    • product launch strategy and tactical implementation
    • wordpress website development and management
    • social media and content marketing
    • digital event strategy and management

About Startup Product OPEN

Startup Product OPEN is an innovative unconference that blows open the doors for everyone to contribute, question, and interact with each others’ ideas, prototypes, products, problems and process using Open Space Technology.

About The Product Summit

The Product Summit brings together passionate product professionals for a day of lightning talks with product experts and practitioners.

Creating brilliant products is a group effort. It takes designers, developers, marketers – really, everyone in the product ecosystem. Startup Product Summit is the premiere place to gain valuable insights from product stars that have been in the trenches and have the battle scars to prove it.

The single-track, lightning-talk format is designed to keep everyone in the same room, taking part in the same conversation.

This is the event for people who are passionate about product seeking to:

  • learn how to manage products,
  • find like-minded professionals and mentors,
  • learn from the mistakes of others,
  • get perspectives outside of their domain,
  • acquire tools to forward their product at every stage of the product lifecycle,
  • hone their craft for managing products across disciplines,
  • discover the latest innovations and methodologies, and
  • forward their careers.



Cindy F. Solomon discovered the power of twitter chats and in January 2011, tweeted about having a regular twitter chat for product managers. The tweet received a response from Australia, 7400 miles away from the San Francisco Bay Area! Collaborating with the tweeter, Cindy created the #ProdMgmtTalk twitter chat, which launched in February 2011 with Steven Haines, author of the Product Manager’s Desk Reference, as first guest.

Cindy formulated the Socratic format for twitter chats which gave way to a regular broadcast, the Global Product Management Talk, a top ten business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network with >100 discussions archived on iTunes and available on all podcast platforms, as well as the stand alone Android mobile app developed by Cindy called Prodmgmttalk.


  • Engage Product Professionals in regularly scheduled, real-time discussion;
  • Showcase experts, speakers, bloggers, thought leaders, practitioners and events that forward product excellence;
  • Evangelize Product related job titles as exciting, challenging & rewarding career endeavors;
  • Raise important issues that all Product Professionals confront;
  • Extend shared resources across industries and borders;
  • Facilitate on-going dialogue, networking, mentoring & support beyond weekly events;
  • Enable global community around product management knowledge;
  • Educate & defend the value of the product professional, cross-functional team collaboration and holistic product view.

Bringing discussions with passionate product people to face to face meetup events via Product Talks in San Francisco, Cindy’s original intention was to create a product management community to bring Product Camp to San Francisco. Instead, the community doubled in size when “Startup” was added to the name and people came in search of information about managing products, finding positions and forwarding their product ideas. In startups, everyone is involved with managing the product without official title or education in best practices or principles of product management. After the first Startup Product Summit in February 2013 brought people from all over the world to San Francisco, a grassroots movement of passionate product people wanting to bring it back to their communities appeared.


Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with ProdMgmtTalk on BlogTalkRadio

Cindy F. Solomon is a product marketing leader and product management expert. She hosts and produces the Global Product Management Talk, which she grew into a top 10 business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network reaching 500,000 listeners. She is a contributing author to several books, including “42 Rules of Product Marketing” and the Guide to the ProdBOK, Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge. Solomon brings over 20 years of driving successful product marketing initiatives at enterprise level and early stage software, hardware, web development, services, and software product organizations including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and start-ups in Silicon Valley. She holds CPM/CPMM certification.

A collaborator and connector, Solomon mentors, coaches, trains and promotes people interested in advancing their product careers as well as organizations and thought leaders seeking to advance their products into the market and increase innovative approaches within their organizations.

Startup Product Movement

Startup Product is a movement for product excellence by design facilitating a holistic view of product and a strategic foundation for forwarding product leaders with innovative approaches across disciplines.

Startup Product as a movement is an ongoing iteration and a constant discovery of what constitutes product excellence with the goal of enabling product leaders to engage in that discussion with the appropriate skillset and guarantee we are building the right products that contribute to a better future for everyone on the planet.

Passionate about product? Join the movement for product excellence!

SUPA Product Talk Meetups

Other communities and groups are invited to join the movement without changing their name or identity!  The contribution that Startup Product makes to your community is shared knowledge to provide additional product events to your membership and insights on how to advance product management knowledge and cross-functional collaboration within and without organizations. The goal is to facilitate startup products to scale beyond startup stage, enable collaborative culture and implementation of innovative thinking at all size organizations.

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