SUPA Product Academy provides innovative approaches and experiential learning opportunities to provide the foundations, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and strategic skills that forward product professionals, executives, makers, developers, founders, practitioners and product management organizations.

Course Catalog

Lean Spec: Product Definition Process Training for Engineers, Developers & PMs

Decision Making Framework for Executives, Product Professionals & Innovation Management

Crash Course in Design Thinking from Stanford

Intro to Agile Full Day taught in an Agile Manner

Twitter for Business

Lean Product Marketing

7 Phases of Product Management Lifecycle

How to Teach Everything in an Agile Manner

Applying the Lean Canvas to your product

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Tech

Product Marketing Management Fundamentals 101

Product Marketing Management Fundamentals 102

Product Management Fundamentals 101

Product Management Fundamentals 102

Startup Product Manager Essentials

Develop Your Business/Product Narrative, Build Your Messaging Matrix, Write Your Website/Promotion Content

Step by Step Content Marketing

Learn how to transform your great ideas into excellent products

• Evaluate the worth of solving problems before committing code
• Identify the market need to achieve feature/market fit
• 7 phases of the product lifecycle & why they matter
• Necessary soft skills for selling your value & positioning

• Hands-on Courses by expert practitioners

Background Materials


ProdBOK – Product Management Body Of Knowledge

Product Management Library

Prepare for a career in product management and certification

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