Announcing the Launching of Startup Product Innovacion Colombia

Alejandro Rios Peña, Innovation Designer and Facilitator and Distilled Innovation team with Startup Product Academy to bring the movement for product excellence to Medellín, Colombia

distilled-innovacion-calidad“We’re very excited to be part of this global conversation started by Cindy F. Solomon and the Startup Product Academy, to learn, share and co-create!  StartupProduct is an open Think Thank movement to learn and foster innovation, entrepreneurship and product design for both companies and startups,” shares Alejandro.

Participate!   Join the meetup and let’s start creating together!






About Distilled Innovation

Are you constantly looking for new ideas to build and create impact for a better world?

We’re passionate about innovation, but it has important challenges, like the lack of a structured process or prepared resources, and the cultural paradigms about the return of investment and it’s added value.

At Distilled Innovation we strongly believe that innovation is a vital force that drives human’s continuous exploration for a passionate, total quality life.

We’ve learn that the sweet spot for innovation success is in the combination of Business, Development & Design, with a Human Centered approach. So we can:

  • Validate the market opportunities understanding customers and their behavior
  • Create and capture value through radical innovation
  • and Develop sustainable and scalable business models

Innovation is only possible trough connecting and mixing different people and approaches, as Steve Johnson says in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From: “changes favor the connected mind.”

As Distillers, our goal is to be a collaboration mixer!

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