Announcing The Product Summit Oakland!

The Product Summit, Transforming Ideas Into Products, Showcases The Vibrant Oakland Business, Entrepreneur, Design And Product Development Communities

OAKLAND, Calif.Sept. 16, 2015PRLog — The Product Summit is coming to Oakland! It is taking place at the Oakland City Center Conference Paramount Room on October 9, 2015. It is the fourth all day event that originated in San Francisco and is fueled by product enthusiasts questioning how to infuse excellence into their products, services, teams and processes for all types of businesses.

The focus of The Product Summit Oakland is “Transforming Ideas Into Products.” It takes place on Friday, October 9, 2015. It is followed by an Afterparty at Tech Liminal, Oakland’s original technology hot spot, tech education salon and coworking space at 555 12th Street.

“We’ve assembled an eclectic group of speakers representing the best from the San Francisco East Bay Area. Expect to learn about product development, management, founding, designing and delivering products, strategic thinking, scaling and sustaining growth over time and much, much more!” shares Cindy F. Solomon, Producer of The Product Summit and Founder of Startup Product Academy.

There are ample opportunities for showcased speakers, sponsors, product demos, product launches and hiring opportunities. There is no other event of this nature that provides attendees not only opportunities to expand their network, but also rub shoulders with professionals outside their expertise and discover new ways to forward their careers and products available right here within Oakland’s vicinity.

Speakers represent the diverse community of East Bay based companies and residents, including design, branding, and naming agencies, tech education entities, hardware and software developers, consumer goods, investors, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc. Showcased speakers include:

Beau Oyler, Founder, Urbio

Anca Mosoiu, Founder and CEO, Tech Liminal

Jeffrey McGrew, Architect, Co-Owner, Because We Can

Jennifer Heller, Creative Director & Brand Strategist, Artsy Geek

Rose Linke and Tyler Doyle of A Hundred Monkeys

Susan Mernit, CEO, Hack the Hood

Ed Dua, Investor, Tilden Capital Partners

David Ordal, CEO, Everbooked

Ryan Merket, Product Manager, reddit Inc

Vaneese Johnson, Personal & Online Brand Strategist, OTM Careers

Jordan Hart, Co-founder, LearnTech Labs

James McBryan, CEO, Track it Forward

About The Product Summit Oakland: Transforming Ideas To Products
October 9, 2015 [9:00] AM – [5:00] PM
at Oakland City Center Conference Paramount Room
500 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
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