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Edison Awards

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If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas A. Edison

The Edison Awards symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), whose extraordinary new product and market development methods garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents and made his name recognizable throughout the world.

Edison pioneered five industries that transformed our world, including the incandescent electric light and the distribution system for electrical power, the phonograph and recorded sound, the telephone transmitter, the electric storage battery, and the motion-picture camera.

Nominations are being accepted now through December 6, 2013 in the following categories:

•   Applied Technology

•   Living, Working & Learning Environments

•   Consumer Packaged Goods

•   Material Science

•   Media/Visual Communication

•   Electronics & Computers

•   New Retail Frontiers

•   Energy & Sustainability

•   Science/Medical

•   Industrial Design

•   Thomas A. Edison Marketing Award

•   Innovative Services

•   Transportation

•   Lifestyle & Social Impact

•   Edison Green Award*

Since the inception of the program, it has become commonplace for Edison Award winning products and services to quickly become household names and easily recognizable brands across the world.  Just a few examples of past Edison Award-winning innovations include:

Gorilla® Glass by Corning® — a lightweight and highly damage-resistant glass that now protects more than 750 million devices from everyday wear and tear, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs.

Telcare Blood Glucose Monitoring System by Telcare — the world’s first cellular-enabled glucose meter for the 100 million people around the world with diabetes. Tests are sent to Telcare’s cloud server and the user receives immediate clinical feedback and coaching. Telcare connects people with diabetes to a network of care, comprised of physicians, nurses, and loved ones.

Nest Learning Thermostat by Nest — learns about you and your home to automatically turn itself down when you’re away, guide you to energy-efficient temperatures when you’re home, and free you from programming hassles by creating a customized temperature schedule.

Nominations will be judged against a set of criteria, intended to highlight and capture the true spirit of innovation, centered on four key areas: Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.

Judging of the 2014 nominations will begin immediately following the December 6, 2013 nominations deadline and finalists will be announced in February 2013.

The Edison Achievement Award recognizes an individual for his/her contributions to the world of innovation, will be presented during the Annual Edison Awards Gala in April 29-30 2014 in San Francisco, CA. The black-tie Gala is an integral part of a two-day program, which also features a “Meet the Innovators Forum” and other popular networking events.


About the Edison Awards™
The Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Recognizing, Honoring and Fostering Innovation and Innovators to Create a Positive Impact In the World. The Edison Awards have recognized and honored the best in innovation globally since 1987. They honor game-changing innovations that are at the forefront of new product and service development, marketing and human-centered design, and are one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of successful innovation. For more information about the Edison Awards visit


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