Be Prepared To Be Wrong

As startup founders, product managers, designers, it’s often easy for us to come up with all the answers. Should we add this feature? Will users take this action? Will changing this copy increase c…

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Teresa Torres shares 4 brief, but powerful explanations about how and why we so easily convince ourselves we’re right, when often we really aren’t. The keys to overcoming things like confirmation bias are awareness and honesty.

“It’s way too easy to look back and decide that what happened is exactly what you expected to happen. It’s much harder to be honest with yourself and realize that what you are building may not be working.  But the faster we become aware something might not be working, the faster we can correct course and try again.”

Perspectives like the one Teresa shares in this post are one reason we’re excited to have her as a speaker at Startup Product Summit SF2, Oct. 11, 2013.  Sign up now for advance registration pricing that is $200 off the full price!

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