Podcast Series: Developing The Lean Spec

Cindy F. Solomon of SUPA Product Academy chats with Malcolm Knapp of the Engineer Accelerator to figure out how to apply the process that Malcolm teaches for creating the vision for a product prior to building it. The "lean spec" is a product specification requirements process that Malcolm has developed and implemented over many years of building hardware products and uses to arrive at the product definition prior to building.

Report From East Bay Women’s Network Tech Max

by Cindy F. Solomon

I was honored to be one women among a diverse line up of women speakers this week at the TechMax conference in the San Francisco East Bay.  It was produced by the East Bay Women’s Network and Tumikia WatuKhuthaza Read more about it from the storify I created from curated content, pics and tweets.


//storify.com/prodmgmttalk/tech-max/embed?border=false//storify.com/prodmgmttalk/tech-max.js?border=false[View the story “TechMax: Technology For Business by East Bay Women’s Network” on Storify]