Getting To Product/Market Fit: A Panel Discussion On Apr 27 in San Francisco

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Join a Panel of Experts to hear first hand experience of successes AND failures across a broad spectrum of startups and products to achieving product/market fit.


6:00pm – 6:45pm Networking

6:45am – 8:15pm Panel Speakers, Interactive Q&A

8:15pm – 8:30pm Job notifications, other announcements

Questions to ponder:

How exactly do you go about getting to product/market fit if you don’t hit it right out of the gate?
How do you evaluate markets for size and quality, especially before they’re fully formed?
What actually makes a product “fit” a market?
What role does timing play?
How do you know when to change strategy and go after a different market or build a different product?
When do you need to change out some or all of your team?
And why can’t you count on on a great team to build the right product and find the right market?

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People First: Product Excellence By Design Principle One

People come before money. Listen to Simon Sinek speaking at Baruch College

Read the Transcript:

Simon Sinek says:

“I’m an idealist. I sort of imagine a world that’s different from the world we live in now. I imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired to go to work, feel safe when they’re there, and return home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work that they do.

And I believe this thing called fulfillment, the ability to say that “I love my work, that I love what I do,” I believe it is a basic human right and not a privilege. We treat it as a privilege.

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UX Mini Workshop on March 30 in San Francisco

SUPA Product Academy in conjunction with Aconex would like to present an evening of UX POWER TALKS on March 30 in San Francisco!


6pm – 6:45am Networking with Alcohol, soft drinks and delicious pizza

6:45am – 7:30pm The Benevolent Dictatorship of Collaborative Design with Marcin Treder, CEO of UXPin

7:30pm – 8:15pm Does my app look fat? with Kirsten Mann, GM Global Design & Experience at Aconex

8:15pm – 8:30pm Job notifications, other announcements

Come and have a drink and something delicious to eat while listening to two leaders in the UX community.

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Podcast Series: Developing The Lean Spec

Cindy F. Solomon of SUPA Product Academy chats with Malcolm Knapp of the Engineer Accelerator to figure out how to apply the process that Malcolm teaches for creating the vision for a product prior to building it. The "lean spec" is a product specification requirements process that Malcolm has developed and implemented over many years of building hardware products and uses to arrive at the product definition prior to building.

Report From East Bay Women’s Network Tech Max

by Cindy F. Solomon

I was honored to be one women among a diverse line up of women speakers this week at the TechMax conference in the San Francisco East Bay.  It was produced by the East Bay Women’s Network and Tumikia WatuKhuthaza Read more about it from the storify I created from curated content, pics and tweets.


[View the story “TechMax: Technology For Business by East Bay Women’s Network” on Storify]