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Guide to the ProdBOK

ISBN: 978-0984518500

About This Book

The ProdBOK is the Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge. The ProdBOK represents a historic milestone for the profession of product management forwarding professionals engaged in managing products from inception to sunsetting, across industries, stage of growth and size of organizations. As stated in the first chapter, “It was developed to give product managers information that would motivate them to look deeper into the subject and research the far greater body of knowledge that exists within the product management domain. It is a living reference that is constantly evolving.”

This volume of 346 pages represents a compilation of the most prolific writers, bloggers, thought leaders, trainers and authors currently forwarding the understanding of product management today, with input from other disciplines that intersect the product management function. This is not an academic textbook of theory, although it will no doubt be used to teach Fundamentals of Product Management 101, but the result of a collaboration of practitioners currently working in the field, striving to provide a common lexicon to forward newcomers and future product leaders.

The ProdBOK is a must own, must read, must reference for all those seeking to be product professionals, as well as hiring managers, HR departments, and companies striving to establish effective product management as a business function, hiring and onboarding new product managers, and providing a career path for product people. In Silicon Valley, many (if not most) of the best known CEOs held the title of product manager at one time in their career.

Being context sensitive, product managers require “on-the-job” direct experience and training, and now the ProdBOK will both speed the learning curve and provide validation that a foundation of product management knowledge and best practices are indeed transferable across industry and domain.

The ProdBOK is a landmark for the profession of product management and a huge accomplishment for the editors and the AIPMM. An exciting time to be entering the field and practicing the art of product management, especially when every one of the contributors are generously and actively engaged in providing the foundation for the next generation of product managers to build upon.