Broadcast: Anca Mosoiu, Founder of Tech Liminal, Hacking Professional Tech Communities

Anca2013Anca Mosoiu Envisions A World Of Accessible Technology Tools Boosting Productivity, Enhancing Profitability, And Enabling Communication 

Anca Mosoiu  joined host Cindy F. Solomon live from Studio132 for the Global Product Management Talk on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.


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Crowdchat Transcript

There should be no internal barriers to the broad opportunities that are opened by the internet. Online strategies should be as straightforward to implement as sending an email. Tech Liminal, in Oakland, California, was founded by Anca Mosoiu to help achieve this new level of productivity and creativity by bringing business professionals, community leaders and technology experts together.

Anca says, “I’m excited to talk about Products, Design, and Technology with Cindy on the Global Product Management Talk. Creating, marketing, and selling products is the lifeblood of most businesses – whether they are selling software, physical objects, or a great experience. Learning how to apply Product Management discipline in the small business world could help a lot of people who aren’t sure how to grow their business.”

About Anca Mosoiu
Anca Mosoiu, Tech Liminal’s founder and CEO, is a software engineer and consultant with decades of experience building web sites and applications for organizations of all sizes. Anca has worked in the business applications industry for more than 15 years in roles ranging from analyst to software engineer, in environments varying from start-ups to established corporations, and at companies that include Razorfish, Sony, Juniper Networks, and Cisco systems. A graduate of MIT, Anca began her career as a software engineer developing IT applications for large organizations. She has also worked as a user interface and 3D programmer, which led to her interest in web technologies
Since founding Tech Liminal, Anca has become a WordPress expert.

tlsignAbout Tech Liminal
Oakland’s Technology Hotspot and Salon, Tech Liminal is an accessible, technology-focused community in Oakland where diverse minds meet and learn to apply the right tools to solve the right problems. 

Hometown Hero: Anca Mosoiu, founder of Oakland’s Tech Liminal – YouTube

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