Broadcast: Whole Brain Emulation with Dr. Randal Koene, Neuroscientist & Founder

Dr. Randal Koene, Dutch Neuroscientist, Neuroengineer, Preeminent Theorist, Founder And Developer Will Discuss The State Of Science And Technology For Neural Prostheses And Whole Brain Emulation

Substrate Independent Minds (SIM) is a field of research which seeks to understand the brain and nervous system of a wide range of organisms, including humans, in order to facilitate emulation of these organisms in an artificial substrate.

Dr. Koene explains, “When you think about Substrate Independent Minds, a good analogy is to think about platform independent code when you think in terms of software. Platform independent code is when you have a program that can easily run on any computer and will produce the same result whether it runs on a Mac, a PC or a supercomputer. For Substrate Independent Minds, we are saying that what’s happening inside of our brains – that there are functions that are running on a certain kind of hardware – they’re running on these mechanisms, on the processes, that are going on in the brain. In principle, if you can take these same functions and run them on some other substrate, some other hardware, and they produce the same result, then you get the same outcome.”

As founder for the nonprofit and the startup NeuraLink Co, Dr. Koene will address how to tackle and accomplish a complex long-term project to achieve human whole brain emulation.

“You can plot all the Kurzweilian exponential curves you want, enormously complicated advances don’t make themselves happen. “Mind uploading” is an amazing idea utterly dependent on good planning and good execution with dedication and endurance!” states Dr. Koene.

Dr. Koene joins host Cindy F. Solomon live at Studio132 for the Global Product Management Talk on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at the simultaneous times of [10:00] AM Pacific Time, [11:00] AM MST Denver, [12:00] Noon CST Chicago, and [1:00] PM EST Boston.

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About Dr. Randal Koene

Dr. Randal A. Koene has been focusing on the functional reconstruction of neural tissue since 1994. He introduced the multi-disciplinary field of whole brain emulation and is lead curator of the scientific roadmap with which its technological development is promoted.

Dr. Koene is CEO and Founder of the science foundation and neural interfaces company NeuraLink Co. He is Science Director of the 2045 Initiative and advises several neurotechnology companies and organizations.

In previous roles, Dr. Koene was Director of Analysis at Silicon Valley nanotechnology company Halcyon Molecular (2010-12) and Director of the Department of Neuroengineering at Tecnalia, the third largest private research organization in Europe (2008-10). Dr. Koene was a research professor at Boston University’s Center for Memory and Brain.

He earned his Ph.D. studying memory mechanisms at McGill University, after obtaining an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Information Theory at Delft University of Technology. Dr. Koene’s publications, presentations and interviews are available at @randalkoene

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