Building Products of the Future Within Legacy Systems and Cultures

Join us at the December 20, 2016 Women in Product NYC Meetup!

Lean startup, user-centered design, and agile development have inspired a new wave of digital product experiences and development practices.

However, for many Product Managers that are challenged with legacy products, technologies and development approaches there are many questions, including:

• How do we make the right decisions to move forward?

• How do we prioritize between technical debt and new features?

• How do we navigate being agile in a waterfall company structure?

We’ll be hosting an inspirational panel of Product Managers that will share their stories, challenges and practices when it comes to developing products in the face of legacy systems and cultures. Panelists to be announced.

Discussion will be welcome and encouraged!

Proposed Agenda:

6:30 pm: Welcome and Networking

7 pm: Introductions and Panel Discussion

7:45 pm: Q&A and Announcements

8:15 pm: Networking

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Panel Members include:

Joanna Beltowska, Associate Director, Product Management at Pivotal Labs

More TBD

Moderator: Caroline Hane-Weijman

Caroline Hane-Weijman is a Product Manager at Pivotal Labs, working with large enterprises and startups to help transform the way their teams build software using agile principles to deliver value to users and the business.  Caroline came from product management at the fintech startup, LearnVest, during which they were acquired by Northwestern Mutual. She was previously a business management consultant at McKinsey & Co, serving Fortune 500 companies across industries and functions, and has a mechanical engineering degree from MIT, with a focus and strong passion for international development.  She’s most inspired when working with a team of passionate, creative people who are committed to continuous iteration, for themselves and others. Connect with Caroline

Please thank our Sponsor Pivotal Labs!

Pivotal Labs is a software development consultancy, where we work with large enterprises and startups to help transform the way teams build software. We aim to make the end-to-end product development process a core competency of our clients’ organizations, driven by empowered, autonomous and self-organizing agile teams and guided by principles of user-centric design, lean startup methodologies, and lean engineering practices.

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