Christopher Peil, Patent And Intellectual Property Attorney, On Patent Strategy

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The law governing patents and patenting is complex and changes often. The relationship of patents and other intellectual property assets to business strategy has evolved rapidly in the last decade or so. The costs involved in securing intellectual property assets are difficult to predict. As an intangible business asset, patents and other intellectual property assets can be difficult to manage. Nevertheless, patents are one of the best ways to protect new products and processes. The right patent can be worth millions of dollars to its owner. And patenting is an essential business activity for today’s technology companies.

Christopher Peil, Founder and Principal, Law Office of Christopher Peil, has spent most of his career in the San Francisco Bay area and has served Silicon Valley as a patent practitioner for nearly 15 years, representing all types of clients, from individual inventors and start-ups to major universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Chris Peil says, “I’m excited to be participating with the Global Product Management Talk and Startup Product Communities because I think it’s time we realized how much product management and marketing have to contribute in developing IP assets that function as effective business tools that support and facilitate achievement of organizational objectives.”


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About Christopher Peil
Christopher Peil, Founder and Principal, Law Office of Christopher Peil has a passion for helping people realize their business goals and their dreams and is fascinated by unusual technological niches. He was instrumental in securing a number of the assets, notably cookie technology, in the AOL patent portfolio, recently sold to Microsoft Corporation for more than one billion dollars.

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