Cindy F. Solomon Addresses The Product Leaders Forum Bengaluru, India

Cindy F. Solomon’s career in technology product marketing management has been deeply involved with concern for users and market needs, understanding and communicating the customer experience, and working across organization silos to produce strategic product results. She has applied sound product management principles and inspired a movement for product excellence that instills long term views, empathy and design thinking into educating product leaders to build products that deliver value at all stages of the product lifecycle.

“It is a great honor to bring my enthusiasm for creating commuities of product leaders well-versed in strategic product management to The Product Leaders Forum in India,” shares Solomon. “Professionals who are charged with managing products across all industries and product types share a passion for creating something better, serving customers and contributing value to their organizations.”

The Product Leaders Forum is focused on Intrapreneurs and corporate innovation, provides access to best practices from senior practitioners and enables interactions with senior Product Industry peers and executives across many different types of sesions including panel discussions, mentoring sessions, workshops and activities.

About The Product Leaders Forum
Product Leaders Forum (PLF) is a not for profit initiative. Our intent is to build an active forum of product leaders helping build stronger product mindsets and skillsets in India. As we accelerate the journey of creating & celebrating product leaders, Product Leaders Forum is a volunteer driven conference to help accelerate career paths for professionals in the ecosystem.
Friday, 19th February, 2016 [9:00] AM – [6:00] PM
Ritz-Carlton, Bangaluru, India

About Cindy F. Solomon
Cindy F. Solomon is a product marketing leader and product management lifecycle expert. Solomon founded the Startup Product Academy and the movement for product excellence to facilitate a holistic view of product and provide a strategic foundation for forwarding both product leaders and professional product management organizations with innovative approaches across disciplines. Solomon developed The Product Summit conference to showcase product leaders and identify best practices for building and managing products across all industries and to ignite local professional product communities. Cindy hosted the Global Product Management Talk broadcast, a top 10 business podcast reaching 1/2 million listeners. Cindy is a frequent speaker, presenter and sought after moderator and curator for events and panel discussions. Contributing author to several books, including “42 Rules of Product Marketing” and the Guide to the ProdBOK, Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge. Solomon brings over 20 years of driving successful product marketing initiatives and managing organizations at enterprise and early stage software, hardware, web development, SaaS and mobile including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and start-ups
in Silicon Valley. She holds CPM/CPMM certification.

About The Movement For Product Excellence
As a movement for product excellence, communities coalesce around knowledge, content and information forwarding the people behind the products. The movement facilitates a holistic view of product and a strategic foundation for forwarding product leaders with innovative approaches across disciplines. The movement for product excellence is an ongoing iteration and a constant discovery of what constitutes product excellence with the goal of enabling product leaders to engage in that discussion with the appropriate skill set and guarantee we are building the right products that contribute to a better future for everyone on the planet.

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Cindy F. Solomon Addresses The Product Leaders Forum Bengaluru, India

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