Recruiting participants for B2B Technology Solutions Market Research


Better HUMINT – Recruiting with the End in Mind

How do you recruit those you are interviewing for competitive intelligence market research to conduct qualitative, in-depth research?

Human Intelligence, i.e. interviewing 100 people for expert opinions or an expert panel survey.

All research requires some type of sampling; people who can articulate and have experience with the subject matter, and provide a clear level of perspective

The ERRC Framework from Blue Ocean Strategy



Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart of Cascade Insights analyze market intelligence and competitive intelligence via the ERRC Grid from the book, The Blue Ocean Strategy.

ERRC Grid: What are the things that this industry might Eliminate, Raise, Reduce, or Create in order to unlock a new “blue ocean”?  This is a meaningful framework to essentially put an industry or a set of competitors through to determine what might become if…?

David Nixon, Sr Director, Competitive Intelligence, Oracle


David Nixon, Senior Director, Competitive Intelligence, Oracle

1. How do you handle competitive intelligence efforts when you’re dealing with a company that from the perspective of that company’s customers, they really buy solutions, they buy ecosystems of products – they don’t always really buy a point solution anymore, given the size of customers that a company like Oracle is typically dealling with and

2. How does CI as a discipline need to evolve in response to that?

3. When you’re thinking about a solution, generally 2 competitors don’t have exactly the same overlapping offerings – how does that asymetry impact the analysis?

Getting Competitive and Market Intelligence out of Web Metrics


Analyzing a competitor: Importance of Search Traffic

from the perspective of a competitive intelligence or market intelligence professional
with Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart of Cascade Insights

Look at website statistics, Google trends, ad planner tools, key word examples, site statistics, overall traffic and regionally to determine how true a company’s growth pattern really is.

When companies are doing research, most of the time they’re faced with new market, new trend, new customers. Look at ecosystem to determine who are the players, are they growing, do they have momentum? Determine what percentage of an average sales process is impacted by web traffic.

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