The Computer Science of Human Decisions

A fascinating exploration of how insights from computer algorithms can be applied to our everyday lives, helping to solve common decision-making problems and illuminate the workings of the human mind

Authors Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths spoke recently at the Commonwealth Club of California moderated by Soren Solari, President and Founder, Simigence, Inc.

Brian Christian is the Author of The Most Human Human;  and Co-author  of Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

Tom Griffiths, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley is the Co-author of Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions


All our lives are constrained by limited space and time, limits that give rise to a particular set of problems. What should we do, or leave undone, in a day or a lifetime? How much messiness should we accept? What balance of new activities and familiar favorites is the most fulfilling? These might seem like uniquely human quandaries, but they are not. Computers, too, face the same constraints, so computer scientists have been grappling with their version of such issues for decades. The solutions they’ve found have much to teach us.

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Brian Christian interviewed on NPR’s Marketplace

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