We’ve Got App!


The Product Summit is coming up fast – November 20-23rd. Start networking and plan ahead with our mobile app. Everyone can take advantage of the opportunity to join the community through the Bizzabo app to network and get updates before, during and after The Product Summit.

You’ll be able to register, check which speakers are speaking at which sessions and tracks each day, and get in touch quickly with anyone who has joined our online community. And the best part is, you don’t even have to be a paid attendee at the conference to be in on these community conversations and hear about upcoming opportunities, tips, and discoveries people will be sharing through their social networks. Now, that’s hot!

And if you are a company with open positions, you can sponsor The Product Summit to post your jobs here. There’s simply no better way to capture the attention of product professionals actively searching for their next positions than via an app where the conversations are happening, during these four exciting days.

To get yourself set up, either click the website link or download the Bizzabo app to your device from iTunes or Google Play, then search for “productsummit”. You’ll get a jump start on meeting other community members, sponsor offerings and agenda updates.

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