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You have to isolate and link specific, measurable attributes of your customers’ experience with operational and financial metrics of an appropriate department

StartUP Product‘s insight:

By Gregory Yankelovich @piplzchoice

“if you really want to see a change in the way your organization relates to its customers, you would have to take the risk of doing what needs to be done to enable such change.”

  • Customer Experience is a holistic matter – every single function of the company affects how customers perceive the entire enterprise. Of course some functions affect more than others, but they all do.
  • Monitoring the correlations of trends between Customer Experience, Operational and Financial metrics allows for the fast diagnosis of potential treats to the health of your business.
  • A fact is often nothing more than commonly accepted opinion, supported by commonly believed evidence. Therefore, it is paramount to socialize proposed linkages very extensively, to gain acceptance of the concept and subsequent adoption, before publication of any measurements.
  • “Static” measurements do not motivate action nearly as much as measuring how CX, and linked operational metrics,  have improved since the change in a process was implemented
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  • Jason Napierski| September 17, 2013

    That first bullet point is extremely important to acknowledge. It’s not just the customer service team that determines whether a customer has a good experience with the brand or not. Every touchpoint needs to provide a positive experience.

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