Customer Interviews: Could You Help?

This request is from Cheryl Brinkman, member of the Women in Product community in NYC. NYC

I am working on a new product idea and hoping to chat with some women to better understand their goals and problems around fashion and shopping.

My market criteria is:

  • Women ages 30 – 55
  • Living in a medium or large city
  • “Financially comfortable”

The interview would be about 30 minutes over the phone answering some general questions about where you like to shop, what is easy/hard about the process, etc.

In appreciation, I’m offering a $30 gift card to a major store of your choice. You’ll also have my sincere gratitude and the knowledge that you have helped a woman working to create a business!!

If you would be willing to help out or know someone who would, please contact me. Thanks!

About Cheryl Brinkman

Cheryl Brinkman

I am continuously looking for ways to participate in the product management community and to hone my skills as a product manager.

I live and work in NYC. I’ve run a couple of marathons and will probably run a few more before I’m done. I love reading, especially magical realism and historical fiction. When the weather is decent, there’s nothing I enjoy more than hanging out in my garden.

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