Digital Event: ProdBOK, The Guide to the Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge

The ProdBOK, Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge is a historical milestone for the profession of product management.

Friday, Sept 20, 2013:


More info & slides following event:

Over the last three years a wide array of industry professionals including academics, analysts, associations, authors, bloggers, consultants, practitioners, and industry thought leaders joined forces with thought leading members from adjoining professions to develop the ProdBOK Guide.

The intent of this industry-wide collaboration was to lay a cornerstone to help standardize the practice of product management and advance the profession. Approximately 60 contributors helped to collaboratively develop the ProdBOK Guide. Join us to learn more about the effort and learn how you can help us to transform the profession.

Join Cindy F. Solomon of Global Product Management Talk and Startup Product discuss with Therese Padilla, AIPMM President, the origins of this effort and the significant role that industry professionals played in the development of the ProdBOK Guide. 

Key Takeaways from participating in this webinar:

– Understand why the ProdBOK matters

– Learn what led to the development of the ProdBOK Guide

– Who contributed to the effort?

– When will it be available and how can I get a copy?

– How the ProdBOK can help you lead product teams

Participate and Win!

Participants will qualify to participate in a raffle to win a free copy of the ProdBOK Guide and be entered into a drawing for admission to Startup Product Summit at Broadway Studios, San Francisco on October 11, 2013.




The ProdBOK is available on Amazon 

Who Should Attend?

This session is not just for product managers but those interested in advancing their knowledge of the profession of product management.

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