Do Your Customers Really Love You?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you’re probably thinking about your loved ones—but you may also be wondering if your customers really love you. Do you know what they really think of your organization, or if their opinions translate into loyalty or disloyalty?

Next Thursday, February 11, Brian Koma who is Vice President and Customer Experience Practice Leader at Verint Systems and Sean Mahoney, Strategic Solutions Consultant, Customer Analytics will discuss how successful organizations capture and leverage critical customer information to help you truly know if your customers do in fact love you!

You will learn:

  • The latest ideas on measuring customer experience and sentiment
  • Which steps and milestones your organization should consider so that the customer’s perspective is always prominent in your strategy and planning
  • How you can motivate your team to take action on customer experience outcomes

By attending this informative Webinar, you’ll receive the recent Aberdeen report, “Voice of the Customer: How to Convert Feedback Into Better Results.”

Differentiating in the eyes of modern buyers is harder than ever before. Companies aiming to excel in this area must ‘operationalize’ the VoC data captured across multiple channels. This helps them go beyond simply having visibility into client needs, but also fulfill them. Findings in this report highlight several best practices that help companies convert feedback and sentiment into actionable insights driving superior performance.


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In theory, online sentiment expressed in social media should correlate with established customer satisfaction metrics.












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