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Lean Enterprise: Managing The Innovation Portfolio

February 21, 2017 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Register for webinar:  http://oreil.ly/2hBa6Gc

Portfolio mapping requires taking an end-to-end view of the life-cycle of initiatives in your organization, but using the same strategy, practices, and processes across the entire portfolio will result in negative outcomes and results. Barry O’Reilly explores how the world’s largest organizations develop better strategies, information gathering, and decision making across their portfolios to drive improved business results and customer satisfaction.

Drawing on real-world examples, Barry traces successful strategies across four main domains, explaining why thriving companies:

  • Explore early-stage initiatives with high degrees of uncertainty that are bets for the future.
  • Exploit initiatives that have achieved product-market fit and that the organization wants to grow and scale.
  • Sustain initiatives that have become repeatable and scalable business models, products, or services that drive the majority of revenue for the organization.
  • Retire initiatives that are long lived or no longer beneficial (or even limiting) to the organization’s future success or strategy. Initiatives that do not achieve desired outcomes in any domain should be killed and their investment transferred to other initiatives.

By the end of this webcast, you’ll understand why and how high-performance organizations focus on building capability to continuously move initiatives through the model from Explore to Retire.

About Barry O’Reilly

Barry O’Reilly works with leading global organizations on continuous improvement using lean and agile practices and principles. He has been an entrepreneur, employee and consultant. After several startups, his focus shifted towards larger enterprises where he has explored the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design and culture transformation. He is a co-author of Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organization Innovate At Scale, the latest addition to the Eric Ries Lean Series with O’Reilly Media, and a Harvard Business Review must read for would-be CEO’s. He is an internationally sought after speaker and frequent writer for The Economist. Barry is Founder and CEO of ExecCamp, the entrepreneurial experience for executives, and Antenn.ae it’s mission to help technology led businesses innovate at scale. @barryoreilly

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Getting Started with Lean Software Development

This reference card will get you started with Lean Software Development. You’ll get information from industry experts including the seven principles of Lean Software Development.

Lean Software Development is an outgrowth of the larger Lean movement that includes areas such as manufacturing, supply chain management, product development, and back-office operations. Its goal is the same: deliver value to the customer more quickly by eliminating waste and improving quality. Though software development differs from the manufacturing context in which Lean was born, it draws on many of the same principles.





February 21, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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