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Without a doubt one of the BEST books on sparking ideas that I have ever read.”
– Jack Covert, CEO of CEO Read

EXPLOITING CHAOS is Jeremy Gutsche’s award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book about 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. It has been translated into 7 languages, downloaded 300,000 times, tweeted 100,000 times, viewed as a 30 minute keynote200,000 times, and delivered as an innovation keynote to 250 audiences totaling 150,000 people.

Key lessons include:

1) STRATEGY – Turn chaos into opportunity
2) CULTURE – Create a culture of innovation
3) TRENDS – Filter through all the noise
4) INNOVATION – Increase your odds
5) MARKETING – Infectiously market your ideas

The Author

JeremyGutscheJeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA, is an innovation expert, award-winning author, “one of North America’s most requested keynote speakers,” and the founder of TrendHunter.com.

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