Featured Webcast: Why Your Product Needs A Data & Analytics Strategy

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This webinar is part of the AIPMM Webinar Series.

The bottom line is that making decisions informed by real data and not hunches or intuition is CRITICAL to product success. Your business customers understand this and more and more are requiring that functionality to be built into your products.

Join us on Friday as we hear from Michelle Bradbury and Ben Hopkins of Pentaho as they take us through the strategy of building data and analytics into your product to help your customers transform data into real insights and action.

The demand for data insights to drive decisions is higher today than ever before. This isn’t just because volumes of accessible data are growing, but also because people are more data literate and accustomed to engaging information experiences from consumer apps like LinkedIn, Google Maps, & Yelp.
This same thirst for intelligence is probably apparent in your user base, whether you realize it or not – and taking the time to invest in a data & analytics strategy for your product can yield significant customer & business benefits over time.

Join Michelle Bradbury and Ben Hopkins of Pentaho as they discuss how to frame your data & analytics approach in terms of value-added functionality, brand new products, & architectural innovation.

They will cover how to:

* Determine the analytics personas & needs that are core to your product’s market
* Understand the tools that can make information consumption easier for your users
* Identify opportunities for new products & services leveraging current data investments
* Learn how new technologies like big data can redefine the value proposition of software products

Featured Speakers:

Michelle Bradbury


Director of Product Management, Pentaho
Michelle has over 18 years of experience in technology product & project management. She enjoys collaboratively creating & delivering highly compelling products.

Ben Hopkins


Product Marketing Manager, Pentaho
Ben is focused on embedded analytics & OEM partnerships. He has also held product marketing roles at Marketo and Salesforce.com. He holds an MBA from the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business as well as a BA in Economics from Harvard College.

About Pentaho

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Pentaho is delivering the future of analytics with a comprehensive platform for data integration & business intelligence. Learn more at www.pentaho.com.

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