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You read about Customer Development – but don’t know where to start
This is perfectly normal – we all start here. By the end of Chapter 2 you WILL be doing Customer Development.

You read blogs … but still don’t understand the full process
I will take you step-by-step from start to finish.

You tried Customer Development and gave up
It isn’t you – this is very common. It turns out the real world does not work like the textbook examples. In Chapter 7 I will help you know what to expect.

You don’t even know how to FIND customers TO develop
Yep. This has happened to me too. It is especially common with technical founders like me. In Chapter 4 I show you a process for finding customers.

You don’t know what to ask customers.
The wrong questions are WORSE than no questions – I’ll tell you how to identify the right ones and ask them.

You don’t know where to learn more
The two best programs I’ve worked with are Lean Startup Machine and NEXT. In Chapter 7 I explain why.

About Kevin Dewalt
As an engineering grad student at Stanford University I took an entrepreneurship class and found my calling. Since then I’ve been part of America’s startup community as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. I LOVE what I do and write about what works, doesn’t work, what happens in the trenches, and why Lean Startups are so hard.

As an investor for a strategic government fund, I helped make over $20M of venture investments in 25 start-ups. I’ve raised venture capital and won NSF grants to fund my own startups in consumer finance, transportation, and healthcare.

As an Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the National Science Foundation (NSF) I mentored dozens of startups in industries as diverse as biotech, manufacturing, and enterprise/consumer software. Through NSF I’ve helped startups at workshops at Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon and am proud to have been part of NSF’s new iCorps program with living legends Steve Blank, John Feiber, and Alexander Osterwalder.

While living in Washington, DC I founded and co-organized the DC Lean Startup Meetup where entrepreneurs learn from each other and the world’s best advisors like Eric Ries, Dave McClure, and Brad Feld. I recently moved to Beijing, China and have started Lean Startup Meetup Beijing.

I advocate for regenerative medicine and serve on Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Foundation’s board with members of the Peter Theil Foundation and philanthropist/entrepreneur Bill Liao.

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