Free for 3 Days: Aptitudes of an Energized Product Manager


From Amazon:

Do you have the natural talents to be a strong product manager?
This book walks you through the most typical aptitudes required for a career in product management. If you are wondering if product marketing or product management might be a good next career for you, or if you are hiring a product manager for the first time, or if you are an experienced product manager questioning your career trajectory, this is the book for you.

It highlights and describes typical aptitudes, with a running quiz at the end of each chapter for you to evaluate your own professional temperament. Most product management positions have certain foundational requirements in common. People who have a penchant, or a fitness, or an inclination to handle these requirements on a day-to-day basis are most likely to be satisfied on the job. And if you have these innate tendencies, you can learn to develop them further. (There are links to numerous videos and downloads to help you to just that.)

From Theresa Padilla, President, AIPMM
“Early in my career, one of my first Product Management books was Linda Gorchels’ “Product Manager’s Handbook.” And since then, Linda has always been one of my go-to authors and thought leaders on the topic. Therefore I am so pleased she has written another book called the Aptitudes of an Energized Product Manager.

“This kindle-only book is now available and as an added bonus is FREE for the next 3 days. This book contains a running quiz at the end of each chapter to help individuals assess their aptitude for product management as a career. This is a great book, but I will warn you, when you get to the end you will want more. It just ends too soon but you will go back to the beginning and assess your skills many times over.”

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