Free for limited time: Get Them Gators, A Short Primer On Dynamic Equity Splits (Kindle edition)

Get Them Gators, a short primer on dynamic equity splits for people who don’t want to read the entire Slicing Pie book, is available FOR FREE on for the next few days!!

Today nearly every startup company uses a pre-negotiated fixed equity split. Because startups change, the split that was right one day will be wrong the next. This means that in nearly every startup investment there are less-than alligators (< ) representing people who have less than they deserve and greater-than alligators (>) representing people who have more than they deserve. In a fixed equity split every deal is an alligator pit. lessthangreater

When we approach the alligator pit we do it with fear, mistrust and a keen instinct towards self-preservation. These are not the best building blocks for creating an awesome company.

Get Them Gators! is a short guide to why dynamic equity splits are the perfect solution for every bootstrapped startup in the world. It is designed to introduce you to the power of dynamic equity splits. Slicing Pie, provides detailed instruction on how to implement a dynamic equity split.

Please note: this book does not describe how to implement a dynamic equity split. To learn that please read Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds Mike-Moyer-Thumb

About Mike Moyer

Mike Moyer is an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies including Bananagraphics, a product development and merchandising company, Moondog, an outdoor clothing manufacturing company; Vicarious Communication, Inc, a marketing technology company for the medical industry;, a site that helps students find the right college; College Peas, LLC which provides publications and consulting on college admissions; and Trade Show Samurai, LLC a company that teaches trade show exhibitors how to capture lots and lots of leads.

In addition to his experience as an entrepreneur he has held a number of senior-level marketing positions with companies that sell everything from vacuum cleaners to financial data services to motor home chassis to luxury wine.He has taught entrepreneurship at both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. Mike is the also the author of Slicing Pie, How to Make Colleges Want You, College Peas and Trade Show Samurai . He has an MS in integrated marketing from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He lives in Lake Forest, Illinois with his wife, two kids and the Lizard of Oz.

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