Getting To Product/Market Fit: A Panel Discussion On Apr 27 in San Francisco

Join a Panel of Experts to hear first hand experience of successes AND failures across a broad spectrum of startups and products to achieving product/market fit.


6:00pm – 6:45pm Networking

6:45am – 8:15pm Panel Speakers, Interactive Q&A

8:15pm – 8:30pm Job notifications, other announcements

Questions to ponder:

How exactly do you go about getting to product/market fit if you don’t hit it right out of the gate?
How do you evaluate markets for size and quality, especially before they’re fully formed?
What actually makes a product “fit” a market?
What role does timing play?
How do you know when to change strategy and go after a different market or build a different product?
When do you need to change out some or all of your team?
And why can’t you count on on a great team to build the right product and find the right market?



Chris Raethke

Technical and Product Executive

Bugcrowd Inc

Chris Raethke is serial company founder and technical leader, specializing in the design of systems that bridge security and development practices to enable companies to be more secure and build better software.
Growing up, Chris had fun with OS2 networking at high school and crawling around BBSs late at night, not to mention a mighty fine virus collection. Out of school, Chris served as an Engineer in the Australian Army prior to studying microelectronics and software engineering at university.

He now has over 17 years of experience across a broad range of software development areas from cutting code to running projects. Closing the gap between security and development teams is his pet love and he regularly speaks at events on both security and development practices and projects.

Jean Templin


Pioneering political and biometric analytic platforms

Jean is a pioneer in building go to market strategies and revenues for early stage technologies across Security, VoiP, Adtech, BioMetric/Sensors services on mobile, web and desktop platforms. She has extensive experience in building solid teams to support growth while having fun. Jean is co-founder of TRD Consulting group specializing in app development, adoption, monetization and scale.

Anca Mosoui 

Founder and Developer


Anca Mosoiu is a programmer and consultant who loves complex, large-scale technology projects, where her curiosity and ability to translate between technical and non-technical helps teams get things done. Her past and current clients include the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Cisco Systems, Nike and Sony.

She has professional nerd credentials, as a Computer Science graduate from MIT. Subsequently, she worked as a programmer for a 3D startup in the 1990’s and helped design and develop some of the earliest websites and online stores while working for Razorfish. Her experience in the corporate and startup world was followed by a focus on local community, as a volunteer and an entrepreneur.


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