Have You Told Your Story?

What many business founders and product developers fail to realize is that you have to tell a compelling story in order to stay relevant, establish rapport, relationship and trust with your potential customers to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately sales growth.

Your products originated as ideas. The origins of your ideas are a story that your customers want to hear. Telling the stories behind your products, people, business processes, values, mission and ongoing iterations are great content for establishing the brand story and generating content for marketing from launch to ongoing customer retention and market growth.

Have You Told Your Story? from Lulu.com on Vimeo.

Your life consists of many chapters. Each describing a portion of who you are. When put together, these chapters create your story. Since 2002, Lulu has helped nearly 1 million people tell their stories. The world is waiting to hear yours.


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Money makes the world go ‘round, but can you tell your organization’s “money story”–how it generates revenue and profits, maximizes cash flow and steers clear of trouble?

Without visibility, there is no money story, only generalized guesses that lack the rigor to assess actual performance. The solution is to rid the company of the Seven Barriers thwarting an honest-to-goodness truthful account.

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