Health care for Startups, Bootstrappers, & Hackers

For those of you working on startups, you know health care can be pricey. If you missed the Mar 31st deadline for signing up, Hacker’s & Founders has started HackerCare and open enrollment lasts until April 17.

If you’re interested, you can thank Jonathan & Laura! Here’s the info.

Start your application here. Or speak directly with the insurance broker:

Kevin Grenz, Tevis Insurance Solutions

[email protected] | (916) 878-5871

HackerCare Health Insurance Overview

HackerCare offers two plans that utilize the full Aetna PPO network
Family rates start at $980
Individual rates start at $250
Small businesses: please contact the Kevin Grenz directly

An innovative Deductible Co-op Pool is available. Pool members will be able to submit their deductible expenses for reimbursement
Need 100 people total to participate
Dental Plan Overview

Dental HMO – very low cost; smallest network
Dental PPO 1 – see your own dentist; preventive care
Dental PPO 2 – major services; orthodontia

Differences between Covered California & HackerCare

Apply for insurance coverage here. Or speak directly with the insurance broker: Kevin Grenz, Tevis Insurance Solutions

[email protected] | (916) 878-5871

More info:


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