Here’s How We Take Back the Internet

“The rights of citizens = the future of the internet.”

“..what really matters here are the issues: what really matters here is the kind of government we want, the kind of internet we want, the kind of relationship between people and society…”

Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom. The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it.

“Your rights matter,” he says, “because you never know when you’re going to need them.”

[09:01] “the biggest thing that an internet company in America can do today, right now without consulting with lawyers to protect the rights of users worldwide, is to enable SSL encryption, web encryption on every page that you visit.

[09:20] “The reason this matters is today if you go to look at a copy of 1984 on, the NSA can see a record of that, the Russian Intelligence Service can see a record of that, the Chinese service can see a record of that, the French service, the German service, the services of Andor – they can all see it because its unencrypted.

[09:44] “The world’s library, – not only do they not allow encryption by default – you cannot choose to use encryption when you’re browsing. This is something we need to change – not just for Amazon, I don’t mean to single them out, but they’re a great example.

[10:04] “All companies need to move to an encrypted browsing habit by default for all users who haven’t taken any action or picked any special methods on their own. That will increase the privacy and the rights that people enjoy worldwide.”

Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest Tim Berners-Lee.

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