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Projects are notorious for falling apart as they progress. Whether it is through feature creep that pushes them over budget and over schedule or a showstopper appearing at the end of a long development – product managers and engineers face difficult challenges keeping a project running. Many times these problems are traced back to misunderstanding, miscommunication, and omissions in specification that happened at the very beginning of the project.

The Process For Defining The Product is designed to address these issues by getting at the underlying issue of an incomplete conceptualization of what is actually meant to be built. It works by extracting the functionality of a product into its features, behaviors, and interfaces to create a complete picture of the product being built. This process

  • helps reveal potential showstoppers early enough so that they do not kill a project
  • generates an agreement between the engineering, the product manager, and marketing about what is being built which helps control features creep
  • forms the basis for more accurate scoping by providing a way to directly map the engineering functionality into budget and schedule.

Malcolm Knapp, will demonstrate an example of how a product idea can be fully extrapolated using the Process for Defining the Product.  You will get a glimpse of how to  enumerate the features, behaviors, and interface for the product. We will take that enumeration and see how it impacts schedule and budget for product development.

You will take away:

– A preview into a new way of conceptualizing the entire functionality of a product pre-build;

– An understanding of the value of using The Process for Defining The Product, and

– An overview of the full day training where you will master how schedule and budget scale with increasing product complexity.


Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm



[6:30]-[7:00] Networking

[7:00][7:15] Welcome, Introductions

[7:15][8:30] Featured Speaker: Malcom Knapp

[8:30][9:00] Product & People Pitches, Job Opps, Demos

Malcolm Knapp is a freelance electrical engineer and production developer who helps clients clarify the problems they face and determine the appropriate solution. Malcolm is a co-organizer for Make:SF, has created classes for Workshop Weekendincluding Applied Electronics: The 5X5 Badge Explained, Systems Thinking, the Many Ways to Blink labs, and the state machine-based Over Temperature Alarm. Malcolm teaches The Engineer Accelerator and a full day training in The Product Definition Process.

Thank you to our location host: Tech Liminal

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So come with your idea to discover how the Process for Defining The Product can help you.


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