June 13 Webinar: Importance Of Culture To The Success Of Product Development


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Friday, June 13, 2014 12 – 1 p.m. ET/ 9 – 10 am PT

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Creating new products is a huge undertaking and consumes all our physical and mental resources to do so effectively and successfully. All too often, culture is overlooked in the face of the huge effort required to launch new products. Once launched, if our products do not go well, we tend to look to the mechanics, the talent, the marketing strategy and so on, but not necessarily the culture. Then when our product launches are successful we tend to not focus on culture either, as we assume we were successful based on the choices we made about the mechanics, the talent, the marketing and so on. Yet, culture lies at the heart of the decisions we make, the way our teams work together, or not, the way we choose to market our products, the target market, the pricing, the sourcing and so much more. Culture is the true heart and soul of our success, and the more we focus on developing a strong culture the higher our likelihood of success.

Join Glenn Geffcken as he shares insights on the importance of culture to the success of product development and learn:

  • The single most powerful way to succeed in product development
  • What culture is at the core
  • How to drive a culture shift

Participate and Win!
Participants during Q&A are entered into a drawing to win a Signed copy of Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change shiftweb.jpg




Who Should Attend
Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, and everyone responsible for product success

About the Speaker
Glenn Geffcken is an accomplished executive with a background in sales, large-scale event production, publishing, and sustainability. He founded Balanced Is, a consulting company focusing on helping companies shift and evolve their culture. Glenn Geffcken is the author of SHIFT: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, which explores the ancient principles of indigenous society and their applicability to business. http://www.linkedin.com/in/glenngeffcken


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