#SF Meetup: Less is MORE: How to stand out by doing less than everyone else

Startup Product Talks San Francisco Meetup Monday, June 16, 2014

What makes this topic awesome:

It’s about design AND

This is a super intriguing topic because it shows you ways that you can actually do less work but still make a more compelling product than the competition. I also think this is extremely important in an age where software has all sorts of bells and whistles and many startups (and enterprise) seem to just be throwing features at users, expecting to stay competitive.

Who’s it for?

This talk is perfect for product designers, founders, UX designers, pretty much anyone who interfaces with a software product as part of their career. The way I see it is, the more people we spread this gospel to, the less bloated software will be in the future!


6:30pm – Doors Open for refreshments and networking

7:05 Introduction to Startup Product movement & educational offerings

[7:00]-8:30 pm – Presentation by Eric Bieller with Interactive Q&A

[8:30] – 9:00 pm Product Pitches/Open Positions/Wrap-up

About Eric Bieller

Eric Bieller

Eric is a co-founder of Sqwiggle, a WebRTC remote collaboration app, where he spends most of his day crafting user experiences, pushing pixels and brainstorming new product ideas. He writes about what he learns on his blog at ericbieller.com. You can also find him on Twitter at @ericbieller

About Sqwiggle

Online Collaboration Software

Always-On Video Conferencing

Drag-and-Drop File Upload

Group Video Chat



Thank you to last month’s sponsor for being awesome!

Mark Bergin 


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