Live Broadcast: Anna Valenzuela, Discusses The Market For Digital Products In Brazil


Many amazing digital products are created and released in the San Francisco Bay Area but often they don’t gain traction in other communities around the world. Anna Valenzuela will discuss the need for digital products to understand what is going on in the mindset of the public in different communities and cultures to be able to really reach out to them and engage them.

Anna says, “I’m excited to join the Global Product Management Talk. It’s really amazing to talk about this huge and always growing digital audience and how such complimentary markets as Bay Area and Brazil can enjoy the benefits of this moment.”


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About Anna Valenzuela

An advertising person by training, a journalist almost by chance and an entrepreneur by temperament, Anna Valenzuela is an Entrepreneur and Digital strategist. She was responsible for the first Brazilian Political Social Game, providing gamefication of the Brazilian Presidential Campaign in 2010. She is the founder of Migux, Brazil’s largest online network for children with over 3M users. For six years she served as the editor of UOL’s homepage, the leading Internet portal in Brazil. In 2006, together with three partners and an investor, she founded Brancaleone, a communication and technology start-up.She is also a Consultant for Digital Strategy @ Octofly Agency.

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