Live Broadcast: Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist

Global Product Management Talk, June 4, 2014 Listen Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist At Planview Highlights Speakers, Resource Areas And Offerings For PIPELINE Virtual Conference And Hub For Innovative Product Development Opening June 6, 2014 

Carrie Nauyalis

Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist At Planview

pipeline-logo-2014               A combination of online accessibility, compelling speakers and resources with practical advice has led PIPELINE to be a success over the past 5 years, connecting thousands of product developers across a variety of industries to each other and to significant thought leaders and experts in innovation.

• Actionable strategies that you can apply immediately
• Best practices to speed time to market, strengthen brand positioning, and stay ahead of the competition
• The ability to connect with peers to share insights and lessons learned
• Access to the year-round Product Development & Innovation resource center

Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist At Planview joins host Cindy F. Solomon broadcasting live from Studio132 for the Global Product Management Talk on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at the simultaneous times of 10:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM MST Denver, 12:00 Noon CST Chicago, and 1:00 PM EST Boston. Listen

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Carrie says, “I’m looking forward to sharing my excitement about the June 6th PIPELINE event with the Global Product Management Talk community. This year’s lineup of speakers, sponsors, and practitioners in the areas of innovation and new product development will share practical advice on how attendees can impact change within their organizations.”


About Carrie Nauyalis
Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist at Planview, is passionate about establishing customer partnerships, developing market positioning, defining field enablement strategies, providing market-based feedback into Planview product development, and being an overall evangelist and thought leader for the Product Development market. She is an active speaker, MBA guest lecturer, blogger, and vlogger on all things Product Portfolio Management, with warm places in her heart for the topics of innovation, Stage-Gate, and Agile.

About Pipeline
With more than 4,000 participants from 95 countries over the past four years, PIPELINE offers product development practitioners access to experts as well as practical information they can use right away – all from the comfort of their desks. From idea to launch to end-of-life, the content will appeal to any professional involved in the end-to-end product development process. In addition, the newly designed PIPELINE virtual platform serves as a resource center for 12 months following the live event with new content each quarter. Registrants to the conference get a free access to the resource center. PIPELINE 2013 was named Event of the Year category in Best in Biz Awards for virtual conference on innovative product development.

The live conference kicks off on June 6th, 2014 and after that date attendees have on-demand access to the content and resource center for 12 months with new content added regularly. It’s all online – no travel, no time away from the office. For June 6th choose your sessions: you’re not locked into an all-day event, and can come and go as you please and return as often as you like for the next 12 months. There is no cost to attend. Leveraging an online platform allows you to access new content throughout the year in the Resource Hub and to experts in product development. It’s a global event: the online platform facilitates easy connection with peers around the globe – learn, share insights, and network all from the convenience of your office.

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About Planview
Planview helps organizations move their business forward given the realities of constrained people and financial resources. Our customers are more innovative, provide higher levels of service, and improve financial performance by optimizing the capacity of their limited resources through portfolio management.

About Global Product Management Talk

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