Live Broadcast: Disruptive Green Tech And Innovative Product Design


Robert Noble, CEO, Noble Environmental Technologies, Discusses How To Utilize Low/No-value Materials And Turn Them Into Extremely HIGH VALUE Products

2244_Bob_N_white“Working with the Global Product Management Talk community is a positive way for ECOR to align itself with brands that are making a difference in today’s marketplace,” said Bob Noble. “Noble Environmental Technologies firmly believes that global networking is essential to creating worldwide brand recognition.”


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Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation (NET) is an innovative and market disruptive technology company, founded by environmental architect and ECOR creator Robert Noble, to develop and commercialize ECOR-branded products and processes. NET has developed, in partnership with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, an exclusive, environmentally superior, three-dimensional engineered molded fiber (3dEMF) composite panel technology. These panels are used to replace, and/or minimize the use of, traditional wood and other wood-derived products including medium density fiberboard, particleboard, cardboard and also injection molded and thermo formed plastic and other materials.

Robert Noble, Noble Environmental Technologies Founder and CEO spoke with host Cindy F. Solomon on Wednesday, February 12, 2013.

About Robert Noble

Robert Noble, LEED-AP, AIA, Founder and CEO of Noble Environmental Technologies, is an architect, environmental designer, industrial designer, and environmental technology entrepreneur. He has been the recipient of numerous regional and national awards for his industrial and architectural designs, and green technology innovations. Early in his career, Mr. Noble dedicated himself to “mission founded” enterprises which would force a convergence of environmentally committed professional design services and clean product and manufacturing technologies with the realities of many large commercial markets and the building industry. Mr. Noble has attended UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Business School, and Cambridge University Graduate Department of Architecture.

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Broadcast recorded live at Studio132 by BZLewis
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