Live Broadcast: How To Keep Women Engaged In STEM Careers

600byMaria Fernanda Vasquez Karim, International Project Delivery Manager, British Telecom, Discusses How To Keep Women Engaged In STEM Careers


At the San Francisco Bay Area She’s Geeky conference, held this past weekend at Microsoft Mountainview campus, Maria Karim led and participated in talks with other women in technology about the challenges of being a women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related industries. Maria herself has a fascinating narrative of her own experience, which she enjoys sharing to inspire young girls and everyone to achieve their dreams. Her favorite quote is “One Step One Connection at a Time!”


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About Maria Karim

A native Ecuadorian whose parents migrated to United States in the early 80’s, Maria Fernanda Vasquez Karim was raised in New Jersey. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she graduated at the top of her class and received various awards, including Ambassador to High School students. She worked at IBM holding various position in microprocessor development while an undergraduate. She currently holds the role of a International Project Delivery Manager at British Telecom for over six years. Maria’s expertise covers Telecommunications, Software Development, as well as hardware. @karimsolutions

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