Live Broadcast: Human Centered Design w/ Alejandro Rios



Alejandro Rios, Innovation Designer & Entrepreneur, Discusses The Value Of The Human Centered Design Approach To Product And Startup Business Development



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Human Centered Design can help validate market opportunities and understanding of customers and their behavior. HCD has the potential to create and capture value through innovation to develop sustainable and scalable business models. Alejandro Rios presented the session “A Design Thinking Approach to Product Management And Startups” at the October, 2013 ProductCamp San Francisco. Alejandro recently launched the Startup Product – Innovación en Colombia community in Medellin.

Alejandro Rios says, “Innovation is only possible through connecting and mixing different people and approaches. I’m very excited to be part of this global conversation started by Cindy Solomon with the Startup Product Academy, to learn, share and co-create!”

About Alejandro Ríos Peña

Alejandro Ríos Peña is a Design-Thinking telecom engineer and entrepreneur who believes in innovation as the vital force for a passionate, total-quality life. He is a technology entrepreneur with both development and product design management backgrounds currently based in Latin America. His portfolio of projects go from Cloud Call Center and PBX unified communications using Open Source and voice over IP, through several Twitter mashups, Agile practices combined with PMI and Design-thinking for startups.

Questions discussed:
Q1 How can innovation help us have a passionate, total-quality life?
Q2 Why do we need another innovation success model?
Q3 How is the innovation landscape in LatinAmerica evolving?
Q4 How do you define Human Centered Design?
Q5 How does HCD validate market opportunities & understanding of customers?

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