How To Innovate Your Way Into Your Customers’ Hearts

Global Product Management Talk With Angelo Firenze, VP BizDev, Ascendle

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Angelo Firenze, Vice President of Business Development, Ascendle, Discusses How To Innovate Your Way Into Your Customers’ Hearts

Today’s high-tech businesses don’t really sell technology anymore. Rather, they use the high-tech innovations they create to disrupt existing mature markets. This means that every business out there, whether a barber shop or the next Facebook, needs to be constantly thinking about and working towards new products and services that positively impact their customers’ lives. This innovation is not optional. Today it is a business imperative as critical to long-term success as having sound finances and good people. Fortunately, High-Tech innovation isn’t as hard to do as you might think. It is rarely the product of an individual genius or a single moment of inspiration. Instead, like anything else worth doing, innovation simply requires a defined goal, and the willingness to pursue it.


Angelo says, “I’m so grateful to the Global Product Management Community for their work on behalf of product people. The greatest and most meaningful innovations are rarely, if ever, the work of just one mind. It is the product manager who acts as the great facilitator among many disparate stakeholders, and for this he deserves our praise and our thanks.”

About Angelo Firenze
Angelo Firenze is an entrepreneur, a successful business founder, and currently the Vice President of Business Development for Ascendle. He has spent his entire 20+ years in business focused on innovating new products in a diverse assortment of industries to an even more diverse group of customers and markets. 

Prior to joining Ascendle some of Angelo’s product development credits include: 
1. An new automated control systems for the manufacture of advanced materials. This product line went on to dominate the European and North American markets for advanced alloy makers serving a variety of manufacturers of everything from Formula One race cars to the first stealth fighter.
2. The first battery operated wireless sensors suitable for commercial applications in harsh industrial environments.
3. North America’s first Italian gelato products available in single-serve portions.
Through it all, Angelo has come to understand that there are, in fact, universal truths for creating meaningful product innovation at any time for any market. He considers sharing these truth to be the best part of his job! 

Angelo will speak at the Startup Product Boston meetup community on June 18, 2014 hosted by Leaf, 215 First Street (near Kendall Sq), Cambridge, MA
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About Ascendle
Ascendle is a software engineering firm specializing in strategic consulting, process coaching and project execution. We provide software product strategy guidance, Agile/Scrum coaching for your engineering team, and award-winning Web application and cross-platform mobile app development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. We guide our clients through the software innovation process, delivering transparency, competence, and peace of mind to clients that value projects that are: On target, On time, No excuses. @Ascendle

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