Tips & Tricks for Managing Internal Politics

Mike Gospe, Author, Strategist, Co-Founder, KickStart Alliance, Shares Best Practices For Product Managers And Product Marketers Dealing With Internal Politics


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What are some of the best practices when it comes to managing internal politics for product managers and marketers?

Mike Gospe shares tales from the trenches including the best (and worst) advice he ever received as a product marketer, how to work effectively with people who don’t report to you, how to best manage your boss, and how to smooth the road between product management, marketing, and sales. Mike is the author of B2B guidebook, The Marketing High Ground. His teachings and best practices have been put to use by product managers and marketers around the world. His newest online course, Mastering Product Positioning, was just released on

Mike says, “Being a great product manager or product marketer takes more than just technical know-how. The secret is in knowing how to work and communicate with others. Unfortunately, they don’t teach how to do this in school. I’m looking forward to sharing my insights with the Global Product Management Talk community!”

About Mike Gospe
J. Michael Gospe, Jr. is a noted author, accomplished marketing strategist, and corporate leader who understands what it takes to market and sell to today’s business-to-business companies. With more than 28 years of experience, his expertise is in integrated marketing and voice-of-the-customer programs.
Mike is also the co-founder of KickStart Alliance, a marketing and sales leadership consulting team. Mike’s workshops, online courses, lectures, and services energize teams, helping them get “real work done,” while guiding them to the next level of marketing excellence.

Mike is the author of a number of books for business-to-business (B2B) marketers, including, Marketing Campaign Development, and The Marketing High Ground. @mikegospe

About Mastering Product Positioning Online Course

This course offers a thought-provoking approach to communication called positioning. Positioning starts with a value that needs to be communicated, whether about a product, a service, a company, an idea, or even a person. But, positioning is notwhat you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. So, how do we influence that, exactly?

It starts with developing a positioning statement that unites and aligns your marketing, sales, product development, and engineering teams. This statement clarifies the value you offer to a specific target market. And to successfully execute against this statement, you not only need to be a marketing master, you need to be savvy in organizational politics and teamwork.

Questions for Discussion:

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Q1 What is the secret to managing internal politics?

Q2 What was the craziest personal critique you ever received from a boss?

Q3 What’s the best way to manage your boss?

Q4 Share with us one of your first “aha!” moments regarding internal politics in the marketing department.

Q5 How do you get people to take action when they don’t report to you?

Q6 You’ve written a lot about personas and positioning statements, but how do you work with others to bring these exercises to life?

Q7 What is a “Marketing & Sales Summit”?

Q8 What’s the secret to great teamwork?

Q9 In thinking about your own leadership style, what book has influenced you the most?

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