May 13: Google Hangout with Julian Escandon, Co-Founder CEO of Pocket Plan (in Spanish)

Startup Demo Cast: Pocket Plan

This week we meet Julian Escandon, Co-Founder CEO of Pocket Plan who will tell us about his experience as an entrepreneur and the process he has experienced in each of the stages of hist Startup from formation team, problem identification, product development, business model and marketing strategy.


About Pocket Plan

Product Plan is a mobile application focused on offering the best events in Bogotá, Columbia. It allows you to buy the tickets by credit card to enter the event. This eliminates the physical purchase and accelerates the transaction by the end user. Categories such as music concerts, theater and performance, nightlife, sports and culture that can handle a wider market will be handled.

  • What is Pocketplan?

    Pocketplan is akin to having a cheeky, cosmopolitan Jeeves in your pocket. He serves up a fun, instant plan on a silver platter at the tap of your fingertips.  Serving up your city’s best events everyday, you can purchase tickets at the drop of a hat and be out on the town tonight. It’s that easy.

  • How does Pocketplan Work?

    Like the event-loving aficionado, Pocketplan expeditiously hunts down first-rate events 48 hours before they commence. Scan your event details for Pocketplan bonuses: discounts, exclusive events, a free drink, a ride on a unicorn (Ha! We would if we could) etc


This is part of a series of events Online via Google Hangout where we will share experiences of Entrepreneurs and Managers of Innovation Intrapreneurs on how implement methodologies and innovation processes.  

Brought to you by Startup Product movement for product excellence in partnership with Distilled Innovation.

Following the event, the video replay will be available on youtube and the audio portion will be syndicated on the Global Product Management Talk podcast

More information:

Este hace parte de una serie de eventos Online via Google Hangout donde compartiremos experiencias de Emprendedores, Intraemprendedores y Gestores de Innovación sobre como ponen en práctica las metodologías y procesos de innovación.

En esta ocasión nos acompañará Julian Escandon CEO –/Co-Founder de Pocket Plan, quien nos contará sobre su experiencia como emprendedor y lo que ha vivido en cada una de las fases de su Startup: formación del equipo, identificación del problema, desarrollo del producto, modelo de negocio y estrategia comercial.

Acerca de Pocket Plan

Es una aplicación para dispositivos móviles enfocada a ofertar los mejores eventos en Bogotá, la cual permite comprar las boletas por medio de tarjeta de crédito para ingresar al evento. Esto elimina la compra física y acelera la transacción para el usuario final. Se manejarán categorías como música y conciertos, teatro y performance, nightlife, deportes y cultura lo que permite manejar un mercado más amplio.

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