May 27: Google Hangout with Felipe Velasquez, Internet 4.0 and Smart Cities (in Spanish)

This time we accompany Felipe Velasquez, who talks about how Internet 4.0 would be urban. Smart Cities and semantic content. How to change the world’s largest business: construction, and how startups could be aligned to this strategy.

About Felipe Velasques
Architect, Humanist, creator of the concept and Urmanismo 3.0, which arises from the union of social networking, sustainable urbanism and Solidarity Economy. He has experience in the use of computer networks for education and sustainable development. phd candidate in History of Art and Cultural Management, Colombiana first annual prize Student Architecture Award Uniemprendia, award UPO university entrepreneurship initiative, Cibersur the best web award Andaluza cooperation.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Cultural Management and Sustainable Development.








This is part of a series of events Online via Google Hangout where we will share experiences of Entrepreneurs and Managers of Innovation Intrapreneurs on how implement methodologies and innovation processes.

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