May 6: Google Hangout with DataCRM (in Spanish)

During this event, Alejandro Piraquive will talk about his experience as an entrepreneur and =each of the phases of your business: the beginning, the problem identified, pivots product or strategy and the challenges faced in DataCRM 

Este hace parte de una serie de eventos Online via Google Hangout donde compartiremos experiencias de Emprendedores, Intraemprendedores y Gestores de Innovación sobre como ponen en práctica las metodologías y procesos de innovación. 

About DataCRM 
Company providing tools that enable companies to optimize their strength sales and simplifies management and business relationship with their customers.  Works under the cloud computing mode, allowing you to manage and access information with an Internet connection and any device. Empresa four years on the market and 3,000 more users on their servers, are official partners of VtigerCRM in Colombia.

This is part of a series of events Online via Google Hangout where we will share experiences of Entrepreneurs and Managers of Innovation Intrapreneurs on how implement methodologies and innovation processes.  

Brought to you by Startup Product movement for product excellence in partnership with Distilled Innovation.

Following the event, the audio portion will be syndicated on the Global Product Management Talk podcast

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