Startup Product builds community with events that forward product people and excellence, both online and in-person, to share knowledge, expand networks, and encourage cross-functional collaboration.

We started as a meetup community and invite others to join us!

We are included in the short film about Meetups! A video journalist decides to check out meetups, she discovers the unexpected, making her life more fun!

Let’s Meetup ! from Independent Short Film Making on Vimeo.

Join the Startup Product movement and build community in your own area to forward product excellence, foster cross-discipline collaboration, and provide foundations to forward product leadership and holistic product perspective! Originating in San Francisco, Startup Product is on the move!

North America


California, USA

  • San Francisco

SUPA Product Talks San Francisco

San Francisco Startup Fun

Lean Startup Product (SF)

  • Peninsula

SUPA Product Peninsula, Mountain View

Tech Women of SVForum

  • East Bay

East Bay Start Ups & Techies, Oakland

Tech Liminal, Oakland

SUPA Product Talks East Bay, Oakland


East Coast, USA

Startup Product Talks Boston

Women In Product NYC


South America


StartupProduct – Innovación Medellin

StartupProduct – Innovación Bogotá

StartupProduct – Innovación Caribe


Produtos Digitais Matadores São Paulo


Product-BP Budapest


Become an ambassador for product excellence!

Learn leadership skills to enhance your career in product management by getting involved with the community!

We’ll work with you to train you as a community organizer to build a vibrant community that increases opportunities for everyone to forward their product career and network. Your product leadership skills will grow with mentoring to curate valuable events, collaborate with other groups, identify thought leaders, host meetings, facilitate group discussion, and capture relevant content to share.

Contact us if you’d like to sponsor a meetup in your community, provide location hosting, suggest speakers, and showcase your product to forward product people and excellence. [email protected]

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