Monitizing Mobile Apps


Aaron Watkins, President and Founder of Appency and Brian Collins, judge and moderator of the International Mobile Gaming Awards and Director of Accounts, Appency, discussed the history of the app marketplaces focusing on monetization and business models, where the industry is going today, and how to get your app known on the Global Product Management Talk broadcast with Cindy F. Solomon.

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Brian will discuss the history of the app marketplaces in regards to monetization and business models, where the industry is going today, and how to get your app known.

Brian says, “Imagine the Wild West of capitalism, where a product’s success or failure is based almost entirely on word-of-mouth advertising, where the “stores” these goods are purchased from contain literally hundreds of thousands of choices, with no one to tell consumers where to look, where the rules haven’t yet been put down because they change rapidly and without notice. Here, creativity is king and traditional marketing campaigns fall flat on their face.”

About Aaron Watkins

Aaron is President and Founder of Appency. Aaron is a long time executive of the mobile marketing industry, having spent six years with ipsh! Mobile Marketing building a number of award winning mobile campaigns for major brands including Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay and Unilever. After ipsh, Aaron was recruited to start the San Francisco office of global mobile agency The Hyperfactory. In 2009, Aaron started consulting in the app marketing space, and eventually wrote the GigaOM guide to app marketing. He has helped dozens of companies understand and succeed in the app space and enjoys the challenges of an ever changing app economy. You can follow him on twitter @AppGuyAaron


About Brian Collins
Brian has been playing in mobile for the past three years, with a specific emphasis in mobile gaming. In addition to being Director of Accounts at Appency, Brian is a judge for and the moderator of the International Mobile Gaming Awards and is privileged to share the panel with the industry’s top talents. He gives out free advice often and unwanted and finds writing boilerplates about himself incredibly hard. You can follow him on Twitter @collinsbrianj

About Appency

Appency is the global leader in marketing and public relations for the mobile application space. We provide a full range of marketing services for those looking to spread the word to consumers as well as developers. From branding and consultation services to managing your launch and long term success with PR, social marketing, advertising and more, Appency is your best resource for success in the world of apps. Featured clients include Fox Digital Entertainment, NBC Universal, Ravensburger and National Geographic.

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